By dangerZone - 27/02/2013 16:43 - United States - Statesboro

Today, trying to be nice, I sat with the lonely kid at lunch. While eating, he started laughing and showed me his hit list. I was at the top. FML
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Always better to be first then last!

In this case. Last is better. Someone needs Counseling

dontpanic_fml 32

Maybe...what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Tell me 22, how can someone be first and then last?

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Turn him in to the office. You could be the one that stops the next school massacre

Maybe he's socially awkward? awkward people do weird stuff. I myself used to be really awkward and did weird shit to spark a conversation. However, a hit list was not one of them. If he created it in front of you then i assume he did it as a joke, BUT if he whipped it out his bag and did some creepy ass smile... then screw the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" and purchase a high quality bullet vest and keep that mother ****** close instead.

48- British scientists have already proven that it was the chicken that came first, due to the fact that a protein, found only in a chicken's ovaries, is necessary for the formation of the egg.

126- Dinosaurs came before chickens. Dinosaurs laid eggs. Therefore, you fail.

Actually the answer is WHO GIVES! Really, it's the same as is the glass half full or half empty. It's based on perception which clearly this FML does not need. It needs closure.

Thank you, 120, for saying that. With the amount of massacres these past couple of years, I'd take that seriously and tell the school counselor. To OP, it was refreshing to see that you wanted a lonely person to have company. Nowadays, people care way too much what others think of them, in social matters. Keep paying it forward :-).

131- However, the debate includes the chicken egg and the chicken, not any other egg. Therefore, your argument that because dinosaurs laid eggs is irrelevant to this debate.

well then...time to hit the ol' dusty trail

It's probably dusty because OP is at the top.

chowE_fml 4

Lol @ 50. I get it.. It's dustier than a top shelf

I think 3 is making a Family Guy reference, or FG made a reference to something.

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^^ thank you catherine obvious

Maybe it's his "I'd tap that" list. congrats!

I guess gays can't have lists of who they would bang, who would've known.

At least you made him happy... You know if you die and stuff.

lishajoy777 14

You should keep eating with him and try to get back on his good side!

That would just be giving him an opportunity to poison your food, OP.

OP could pull a Billy Madison and maybe he'll take him off the hit list.

generalasskicker 12

Or next time someone shows you a hit list with you on it take preemptive action whip there ass take the list and tell the cops you thought your life was in danger

That's not the dumbest thing I've ever heard.... -.- he already dislikes you enough to put you on the TOP of a hit list. Lets kick his ass while I'm at it. Let's see if I can get him to kill my whole family while he's at it. There we have the ever present ignaraMOOSE.

Be super duper nice to him... And just for precautionary measures tell a teacher. You never know when kids like that are serious.

This really does seem like one of the early sign for a school shooting.. :/

Normally I wouldn't say anything but yeah^^ this doesn't seem like a good thing. I'd tell someone.

Same thing happened to me and people in my class. He had detailed ways to kill us all...

wlddog 14

The best you can hope for is to report him, and stay as far from them as possible.

I'd be deathly afraid to report him. What if he found out it was you that reported him... Then he'd go ape shit. OOF. Double bladed sword.

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70 - That's why you report him to the police. All these shootings in the US are happening, and we're finding out AFTER that nearly all of the shooters told at least one person what they were planning. Most of them do. I reported a kid in high school who had a detailed plan of killing one kid. One kid. The cops expelled him from our school district, and who knows what would've happened if I hadn't done it.

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I once did a service project in a service project in the inner city, and there was a young lad, who was as nice as. Could be, and I was tutoring him. Then he told me about all of his dads guns, and how he wants to bring the AK-47 and shoot his teacher and attack the school. Would he go through with it? My guess, no, but I told my teacher, and he sent an e-mail to the school. You can never be too sure. For all we know, he could've been serious.

It's all good now. He moved and is now homeschooled. But the face he wanted me to choke on stuff was creepy at the time O.o

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer