By noname - 18/02/2013 01:28 - United States - Middletown

Today, after being in the hospital for 2 weeks after emergency abdominal surgery, my girlfriend, who didn't even bother to ask how I was, made me hobble to her house just to dump me and send me straight back home. FML
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Bitches be crazy.

Everyone deserves someone who truly cares about you. That's obviously not the girl for you.


Bitches be crazy.

Not sure crazy defines this one... Maybe cynical, cruel, evil, soulless (maybe she's a ginger!), I'm sure there's lots more but I think this is a fair start.

Well, whatever the appropriate adjective for this one, I think we have a very strong candidate for the 'Bitch Of The Year' award....

The girl is spineless! I've had multiple stomach surgeries and they are the hardest surgeries to recover from. One almost killed me, literally. I faught for my life for 6 weeks, in the hospital, after a surgeon tried to fix my stomach and repair a hernia he didn't even know I had. I vomited bile up day and night and never got any sleep. My point is, just reading this FML, I want to go over to that girl's home and bitch slap her. I'm not one to fight or get physical but someone needs to put that bitch in her place! OP, you'll find a much better girlfriend.

I've been in the hospital for 8 months due to gastrointestinal distress and almost died 4 times. Doctor's said it'd be easier on me if I could just get surgery, but it was a functional disorder so it wouldn't help. Surgery, you recover from. Stay positive, OP. And what a cockmunch she is. Good thing you got rid of that thundercunt.

Hope you're recovering and feeling well, Andyroxx.

#1, Bitches be self-absorbed.

27, I'm sorry you had to to thru that. I'm in and out of the hospital all of the time. I can't say I understand what you went thru but I can relate. Good luck to you and I hope you'll get better and stay that way for good.

Perdix, I had nooooo idea! Thanks for the insight ;).

this is a cunt, plain and simple..

Sorry OP. just wait though it comes back around

Hate when people use the term "bitches be crazy", it's so derogatory towards women!

Thank you, 67! I originally was writing cunt but some women take such offense to that word, so I changed it to bitch.

I, too, have a gastrointestinal disease, Crohn's disease, and was hospitalized for quite a long while. I can attest to your statement of stomach surgeries being the worst. You can't sit up, lie down, turn from side to side, or move hardly at all without feeling there's a hot metal spike being thrust in and out of your abdomen! I found out after I had been discharged from the hospital that my, now ex, boyfriend had been cheating on me with my, now ex, best friend. Neither ever came to visit me while I was in the hospital literally dying from bleeding internally, rotting from the inside out, starving as I couldn't eat any thing for months, and having a septic infection, as my colon had actually burst and was gangrenous. I had already dumped his sorry ass by the time I had found out. But it didn't mean that it hurt any less. And OP, trust me, there are so many other people out there that are genuinely caring and loving. I'm sure that nothing but good things will come of this breakup even though it may not seem like it at this time. Keep your attitude positive and it will help you recover much faster.

@73 I never care if i offend someone, that's the difference i guess :)

I'm assuming you meant 'dump' her #2

Of course not, he's obviously referring to what happened to Springfield in the Simpsons Movie. Just make sure she doesn't have a sandbox now, wouldn't her making a getaway now.

I can't decide if you're trying to say "dump her" or "dumb her"

It's also gamer lingo for "shoot in the head" but that seems harsh.

There you go, 42. That's what I meant. Guess the phrase isn't as well known as I thought.

Give her dome? Chick with dick? Idk but she is one.

Everyone deserves someone who truly cares about you. That's obviously not the girl for you.

On the bright side, from the looks of it, you're probably better off without her.

Girls like that you're better without. Sorry it happened that way but obviously she's selfish and didn't cared about you. Time to move on and find someone you deserve. Happy hunting. :)

You're better off without her.

In my country, being dumped always happens for a reason. In this case the reason is 'You dated a heartless bitch.' Try not to do that in the future again. I agree, fyl.

People do stupid things or date horrible people. Because he loved her. You can try to not do that again, but may not succeed. Loves powerful

Rather be single than with someone who doesn't deserve you! Sorry you had to go through that OP!

That seems really abnormal. I don't know how you can even stomach her. My gut reaction is I bellyve you dodged a bullet here.

What a cold hearted bitch! You don't deserve her. Hope you recover well from your surgery.

more like she doesn't deserve him

He doesn't deserve someone who would just hurt him like that. He deserves someone that can make him happy. I obviously didn't word it properly, my apologies.