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Today, I realized I forgot to write a 5000 word essay for my English class. I tried to be calm since I had until midnight to finish, and it was only 8pm. I typed for three hours straight,and finished the assignment. I read over the instruction again, and realized it only had to be 500 words. FML
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OH wow.... maybe they'll think you're an overachiever. You'll pass this class. :P

if the topic is simple enough to be covered in 500 words, what else did you write about?


OH wow.... maybe they'll think you're an overachiever. You'll pass this class. :P

:p funneh, and 17th. I like how #14 said he was second by replying to the first

definataley. anyway shit happens to ppl in school alot

Good one, Triumvirate. If pimpin88 were limited to 5000 words, he'd say, "I just getting warmed up over here!" By the way, are you one person, or three dudes as you name suggests?

Me, too! So, which was your favorite triumvirate: Caesar, Crassus and Pompey or Augustus, Lepidus and Marc Antony? (BTW, I knew 5 of the 6 from memory, I had to Wikipedia Lepidus. Don't believe me? I swear by my Lares and Penates!) JCL Rules!

JCL? You're now one of my favorite people on this site.


JCL is the abbreviation for the Junior Classical League which is basically a worldwide Latin club (it also includes Greek, but you don't see much Greek at JCL events.) It was a lot of fun. We learned the Latin language, but also Greek and Roman mythology, classical history and culture. Back then, it was the only language taught at schools that had a national convention. Maybe you can imagine what a bunch of nerd boys and nerd girls do when they congregate far from their parents. ;) Veni, Vidi, Veni. So, in high school, as the various groups are trying to make themselves heard, we nerds of the Latin club had our battle cry. A triumvirate is a group of three men. They were supposed to be more stable than having a single leader. The Roman Republic had two triumvirates who led Rome near the end of it's ~700 year run.

I don't think they should count off for extra work...

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actually, they can count off for extra work, because it shows that you can't be concise. honestly, no teacher wants to read that much and they get pretty irritated when you make them. they give you word limit, because an essay has to be like a woman's skirt, "long enough to cover, but short enough to keep it interesting" anyway YDI for procrastinating and for not being able to read

#1 not only did the op not read the instructions in ENGLISH CLASS, but he also fails in typing the fml.

and you also fail for calling the OP a man when it clearly states she is a woman

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Procastination and ************ are very similiar. Fun for a while, but in the end you always realize you're just ******* yourself.

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wow this fml is posted on 09/09/09 haha wow

Something like that happened to me once. Just cut out everything except the first and last pages and you should be fine.

"Then when Thomas Edison invented the John Hancock also signed the Declaration of Independenece"

ydi!! any college instructor will tell you that the most important part of any assigmment is reading the instructions carefully!

Time to wake up and start paying attention.

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You've got to show that you read and understood the question. If you hand in 5000 words for a 500 word essay you will fail. At least the hard work is done. Now just delete 90% of it, while keeping the structure.

if the topic is simple enough to be covered in 500 words, what else did you write about?