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  larisonr  |  4

Oh, yep, there are indeed plenty of attractive people out there. I just think four out of five, a pretty fair ratio I think, of the photos on the Internet of people are people just faking it. Not even saying anyone on this site is fake, although I'm sure there are some, just in general..

  Euronova  |  0

30 - Are you kidding me? This site is called 'Fuck My Life' and there's a whole section on sex. What gave you the impression that it was child friendly?

  TibbysMusic  |  1

So, I meant by all those hearts that I in fact love Three Days Grace and this comment made me smile(: But unfortunetly my ipoopie app for FML doesn't let me go into landscape mode, therefor I type stupid stuff. But whatever. That's what Safari is for :D

Carry on. (: