By BudmaudeY - 31/03/2011 20:53 - Sweden

Today, I noticed that the injury on my hand from three weeks ago no longer hurt. A while later, I accidentally slammed that same hand in a door. FML
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Just not your day. Maybe tomorrow will hold something better.


niceeee :) well atleast you can still type so you can cry about it on FML :)


Just not your day. Maybe tomorrow will hold something better.

Hahahahahahahahahaha your an idiot. a creeper should blow you and that forest up.

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ya maybe he or she will break a leg lol

your that clutz from earlier n your friends think your a nut right. grow a brain kiddo

I have a question... how can you manage to slam your hand in a door??

First, you place your hand inbetween the frame og the door and the actual door itself. Then, you close the door without pulling out. lol, I said pull out.

25 is all win. unfortunately I got blew up today with my brand new wolfpack. superdupersadface :(((((

ok, you smacked it, so what? did it break? is the damage permanent? did it start hurting again? is it hurting now?

poo happens mate suck it up and take like a man


niceeee :) well atleast you can still type so you can cry about it on FML :)

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he's only agreeing caz of your shirt. or lack of.


damn you all don't have to be so harsh about act like you've never seen cleavage before?


There are kids on the internet. Besides, it's just plain inappropriate.

If it's inappropriate to you, stop looking at it. She can have whatever picture she wants on her profile, leave her alone for god sakes.

haha show him who's boss Jess!:D :D and I was meaning that to be directed to 37


Aw thanks Jess & FML itself is inappropriate 99% of the time so I would be more worried about that then my picture :)

Exactly. Your picture isn't even bad anyways. Just because you have some cleavage showing they act like it's a porno.

I'm under the impression that 80% of attractive pictures of people on the Internet, aren't really them anyhow.

Why do you say that? There are a lot of attractive people in the world. That doesn't mean their picture isn't of them just because they're pretty/handsome, etc.

All of the girls here are pretty fo realz so **** off.

Oh, yep, there are indeed plenty of attractive people out there. I just think four out of five, a pretty fair ratio I think, of the photos on the Internet of people are people just faking it. Not even saying anyone on this site is fake, although I'm sure there are some, just in general..

30 - Are you kidding me? This site is called '**** My Life' and there's a whole section on sex. What gave you the impression that it was child friendly?

Okay. I'm done creepin policin! sorry this town outta hand!

i think she enjoys the attention from kobie

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ur such a ******* perv so stfu u sex addict

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Well..That's a shame. I was really worried.

Pain, without love. Pain, can't get enough.(:

no me Gusta. 3 days grace is okay but no ms gusta

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28 their not OKAY their better than OKAY

So, I meant by all those hearts that I in fact love Three Days Grace and this comment made me smile(: But unfortunetly my ipoopie app for FML doesn't let me go into landscape mode, therefor I type stupid stuff. But whatever. That's what Safari is for :D Carry on. (:

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Damn OP! Hands have feelings too!

Just had to say it, your hair is awesome. You could use it as an extra pocket if you wanted to! ;)

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Sounds like that hand is not meant to be healed O_o watch it fall off next ....

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I bet it is lol. no more fapping for for awhile. unless ur ambidextrous

Pain, without love. Pain, can't get enough.(: