By MeanGina - 20/02/2013 06:33 - United States - Cookeville

Today, I got a two dollar raise. Unfortunately, I recently accepted a transfer to a job on the other side of the state to what was, at the time, a more lucrative position. I can't cancel it, so now I get to move into a pay cut. FML
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Hello, OP here. Sorry I was a little ambiguous. To clarify, I mean a $2/hour raise. I didn't even think about how they handle salaries in other countries. Sorry. Second, this was a department wide raise, not specific to me, so my performance had nothing to do with it. I think the final bit of contention was why would I move across state for less than a $2/hr raise. Well, I'm desperate, for one, and it was around a $1.50/hr raise. Also, most of my family lives in the area that I am moving to, so I figured if I kept having financial problems I at least wouldn't end up homeless. I'm at the point where I just don't have enough to pay my bills (which are mainly student loans), so I just had to get more income... What makes it even worse is that if I had been able to stay, I would have been eligible for a $3/hr raise after a few months...for a total of $5 more an hour than I make now. No such luck at the new place. And I *did* discuss this move with the company, the raise was passed down directly from the top of the company and my boss knew nothing about it until a week before I was set to transfer. I couldn't back out because I had already officially accepted the new position. So yeah, FML.

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dmoran20 27

Common sense, still absent in 2013.

An extra $2 an hour is quite substantial for most people.


Hindsight is 20/20. Or so I've been told.

tjv3 10

Is two dollars very attractive raise in your place??

An extra $2 an hour is quite substantial for most people.

I'd assume that means $2 per hour, not $2 per month or whatever your're thinking. If the OP works 40 hours a week, that's a raise of around $4000 a year.

But OP never mentioned it was an hourly raise.

dontpanic_fml 32

You're being an idiot, of course it is an hourly wage raise.

dmoran20 27

Common sense, still absent in 2013.

Thursday737 7
sugarshane007 20

19 - Foreign to common sense? I think you're right.

Lionesse 15

2$ is quite the raise. Doesn't seem like much but when your paycheck comes in it's a bit more than what you had before. I got a 25 cent raise and even that little chump change made a difference in my check.

sugarshane007 20

32 gets it. Every little bit helps, because it always adds up.

28, Outside of usa *monthly* wages are common, so $2 raise would mean you get extra $2 per month. Aside from that it is important how much $2 is compared to your current salary. I mean if you're already getting paid $50 per hour, extra $2 per hour wouldn't look very attractive (4% increase). However, if you're getting $5 per hour, then extra $2 per hour will be a lot (40% increase).

sugarshane007 20

35 - Did you just try and justify a monthly wage argument with an hourly wage explanation? I know outside the US it is common, but come on, I hardly see an FML over a monthly raise of $2 and the new job being less than that. Plus who would move across a state or a country or even a city for one extra dollar a month? It makes no sense.

2 dollars is 2 dollars im pretty sure you'd notice if say your pay got cut by 2 dollars an hour....

They don't have hourly wages in many parts of The world just monthly.

sugarshane007 20

48 - You used hourly wage to support your monthly wage explanation. They are two different wage types. It made no sense.

CharresBarkrey 15

35 - Do the math on that one. At 50/hr, a 2$ raise is $4160 a year, $347 a month. and $173 per biweekly paycheck IN ADDITION to your paycheck. It's the same for someone making 5/hr who gets a 2$ raise. It's the same amount of money either way, so it can't be more substantial in one case or another.

So you decided to move across the country for a less than a 2$ raise? That's stupid

I don't see anything wrong with 3's logic..

dmoran20 27

Then your logic is somewhat flawed.

OP is moving across the state, and a raise of $1 an hour is a raise of $2000 a year (assuming OP works 40 hours a week).

TheDrifter 23

2000 per year, after taxes, works out to 100 per month, 50 per bi weekly check. How bad are things going where you are that this is a "lucrative" raise worth moving for? Didn't know why I assumed it was something wrong with his logic

fat_snooki_lol 6

I'm assuming op means $2 per hour extra. At least I hope so.

Lionesse 15

I am surprised people seriously have to ask if the raise is per hour. I thought people would have the common sense to know that a raise in the U.S is per hour.

dontpanic_fml 32

Lionesse, people in the U.S. work both wage and salary jobs, but common sense dictates that if the raise in question is stated as two dollars, it is an hourly raise.

Lionesse 15

Fair enough #40, but what I meant was in the FML, the way that the OP stated it, I thought everyone would catch on that it was an hourly raise.

dontpanic_fml 32

I'm sorry, I did think of that after you posted. You're right.

@#33 - Anyone commenting from the mobile app cannot see the OP's location. I don't know about you, but I never assume someone is from the USA, or even Canada, when I read postings. The world is a huge place.

Plus, people who reside in other countries and/or receive a monthly wage may still write out a wage increase as "a $2.00 raise." That is not incorrect or poor common sense.

Lionesse 15

Actually #55 I am afraid I have to correct you. I am on the mobile app and you can see the location of the OP. It's in brackets right next to the state. Not all posts have it but this one does. I didn't assume about the location, it was given in the FML.

graceinsheepwear 33

I can see location on ghee mobile app. plus he said state.

It's ok, maybe you'll enjoy your new workplace better. Stay positive

Maybe they will be happy by OPs work and raise OPs wages.

Are you sure the company won't allow you to keep the raise? I mean, they must think you are doing something right and don't want to lose you.

honeybadgerDG2S 2

State not country but still moving across the state for less than a $2 raise.

Maybe it's a small state and moving across it just means having to drive an extra 30 minutes to work.

OP is from Tennessee which is a very long state if moving east to west or vice versa.

Just quit your new job and then go back and work for the old one. It's not too complicated sweetie.

It's a transfer to a new position, not a whole new job. Quit one you quit them both.

sugarshane007 20

It's a transfer, not a new job. Take a second to read it again.

Unless its a dead end position that you moved into, if you do well in your new place, you may get a raise, or even a promotion!

From what info you gave, I'm assuming YDI for not talking to your current company about your plan first before deciding to move to the other job. If they gave you the raise now, they'd definitely have told to stay and raised your pay right there, and if they didn't, you'd leave without guilt. And to people saying "it's obvious it's $2 per hour", no, it's not that obvious to everybody. Stop assuming everything works like the US everywhere - there are countries were we never measure payments and raises by the hour, but by the month or sometimes, more rarely, by week or day. People aren't stupid just because they might not know how it is in the US. You are stupid if you think they are.

If you read who posted this FML, you would know that OP dors indeed live in the states. World economy lesson not needed...

dmoran20 27

No one is assuming everything works like the US. But you are stupid to think someone would be upset over losing 2 dollars a month or year. Common sense would dictate that if they wrote the FML then its by the hour. Otherwise I doubt they would have the money to spend on things like a computer or cell phone in which to post an FML.

TheDrifter 23

India's average wage is $60 monthly. I'll bet that worker would be choked at losing a $2 a month raise.

@#26 "Common sense" in this case changes depending on your location. If my friend told me they received a $2.00 raise, I'd assume it was hourly as we are in Canada. If my cousin said that, I would CLARIFY as he is in a third world country and would most definitely be thrilled with an extra $2.00 a month! My cousin can still access computers and the Internet at certain public locations (libraries, school, etc.) We are fortunate enough to live in first world nations; millions of people are not.

Lionesse 15

What people need here, is not a world economy lesson, but a lesson on how to read an FML properly. It clearly states the OP resides in Tennessee, United States. Assuming is the mother of all mistakes when not given enough information but the information, namely the location of the OP is clearly given.

mimiminx 23

I think the point 21 is making is that for example, I'm from England and I had no idea Americans were paid hourly as a general rule of thumb. Non-Americans do not know everything about how Americans live their lives. It's pretty arrogant to think we all know how Americans are paid. We don't. I did have to think for a second, 'did OP mean hourly, monthly or yearly', but obviously due to common sense I figured it was hourly.