By Anonymous - 01/02/2010 03:16 - United States

Today, my little brother was playing with my cat, getting it to chase a laser pointer. He thought it would be funny to shine the laser pointer over my nuts. FML
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Meow mix.... meatballs edition

malik_s 0

@ craylo you spent 5 minutes reading reading 2 sentences ? ಠ_ಠ


kelleyb323 0

first! hope the cat was declawed!

So...umm...What happened next?

pwincessa23 1

it was funny...

awesomenessjess 0

are they nice nuts?

Isn't it obvious what happened next?

lol I love ur little bro. I gotta try that...

Guuurlplease 0

That does sound funny. :)

lol!!!!! my sister did the same to me. she also pointed it in my face. one eye is severely damaged due to the laser. the other was clawed out. I'm half blind now, I look like a freak, and I'm not mad at my kitty. I'm mad at my sister. don't hate the cat.

michael32123 0

@Sunset_Taco half blind? not like 3/4 blind cuz ur good eye is still in bad shape... and just wear sunglasses or sumthin :P I wouldn't be mad at my sister i'd be fucking pissed

Danielt104 6

Take a wild guess on what happened next 18

Danielt104 6

Sunset_Taco. Umm. FYL If you postef your story on here, it would probably go to the tops.

cralyo 0

Ok first of all, man up....its a cat. Unless that thing went ape shit on you, i feel like i just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading this. Anyone else agree?

malik_s 0

@ craylo you spent 5 minutes reading reading 2 sentences ? ಠ_ಠ

I hate when my brother gets the cat into my nuts. his hair gets all over the cashews and peanuts... it's gross

92.. do you think anyone will even think about thinking about believing that story I mean my god what happens next you discover the cure for cancer!?!

hopiee 0

Oh yum :|

infernofalcon 0

it's nomming time! =D

dude, hes an evil genius XD

nuts, nuts, nuts. that's all I see on FML these days.

stewie1744 0

I do that shit all the time

just thought id add judging by your pic u probably don't have cats jumping at ur nuts all the time lol =P ..... or at least I hope so

missunwanted 0

I think ur hot email me [email protected]

stewie1744 0

missunwanted, download the palringo app on iPod and join the group "little-t 127"

DogmaT_fml 4

Well, i think he has invented a new weapon. the attack cat. or the commando kitty COD - 'Target acquired send in the cats'

#5 Do you know how I know you're still a virgin?

okeetard 2

I'm a virgin biotch is that a problem. you have crabs ho3.

#24 Do you know how I know you're still a virgin?

okeetard 2

because I just said I was. 

do you know how I know you're all virgins?


stfu losers

rofl. nothing wrong with being a virgin...except when your weird like 5. I'll pop all of yalls cherries!

stewie1744 0

lmao, a lil late for that my friend

stewie1744 0

a lil late for that my friend

Why are people talking about intercourse?

because sex is the shit. and sucking dick. and tits.

DogmaT_fml 4


dogma that was funny don't listen to online losers with no lives.

mylifesrsly: sign me up...^_^

but seriously. your obsessed with sex it's scary...

drilher244 0

that's all u r probably good for! put a T in front of RAMP and what do u get?

UsaTrackstar 0

Meow mix.... meatballs edition

yzaldana 0

And he was right, hahaha! sorry buddy... XP

I want chicken I want liver Meow Mix Meow Mix please deliver...

Yeah my friends have done this to me, if you were were wearing clothes you're most likely fine, get over it.

transam87 0

he's a keeper

YDI for earning a fucking cat you gayass bastard

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^ win

sevlen 0

owch hope ur ok