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Today, a customer left a Starbucks card in the tip jar at work. It was empty. I work at Starbucks. FML
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ashlan tells us more.

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Yes we get tips. It adds an extra few dollars an hour. Why wouldn't we get tips? We provide a service.

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I provide the service of bagging the customer's items as a cashier but I don't get tips!

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Yeah you provide a service, but you do make minimum wage, and on top of that there's no table service. Tipping is mostly a system for people who don't make minimum wage. I seriously don't mind there being a tip jar on a Starbucks counter, but you shouldn't expect tips because you take an order and make a drink for someone.


Whoa. Some people just suck. Sorry OP.

Why do many people in America think a tip is pretty much compulsary?

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Because you should reward good service

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Because waiters, waitresses, and baristas work on implied tips. This means that they work on average for way less than minimum wage, all because they're expected to make the rest up in tips. The other jacked up thing is that if you give them a tip from a card, then that tip is taxed, giving them less money. I recommend that you watch the movie Waiting to see a decent portrayal of how the system works, or doesn't work depending on how you look at it. If also recommend that every time you leave a tip, leave it in cash and give at least a 15% tip.

The first time I learnt American waiting staff rely on tips I felt horrified. I used to work as a barista, and then a waitress, I rarely received tips! But maybe that's just because customers in England know we received minimum wage? If I ever visit America I'll be sure to tip the staff, I feel sorry for how little they get paid.

Because in America it might as well be with how badly paid they can be. It's expected and necessary in most cases.

Actually thats simply not true at all. While it sounds nice in theory it's not the other countries don't have it right. What they have is close to communism where everybody gets their equal share. Obviously its different in ways but it takes a huge cut out of the GDP. The U.S. Has the highest economic profit in the world and there are thousands of countries who depend on the U.S. To survive economically. If we were to change our government around and add your said things we would not only increase our debt but also no longer be able to support out debt and if our economy collapsed the world is in trouble not just us. For example, do you know where the U.S. Buys most of its Snowboards from? A small ass country in South America thats so close to the equator they've never had snow there, but we keep their economy running. I'd love to help everyone out but logically as a Superpower we have a responsibility to help support other countries not just ourselves

FML staff for the win! :D It's unfortunate that it seems the most outspoken of us (Americans) seem to be the most insulting and make the rest of us look bad. -.-

I guess you haven't been following the news. Let me enlighten you: the current minimum wage (federally, not state by state) is not a living wage.

because it is!! they pay waitresses 2.50 because you are supposed to be grateful and tip them atleast 10%

Baristas tips are taxed, cash or not.

I tip. And I tip well. Usually 20-25% when out to eat. $1 per beer at the bar, $2-3 per cocktail. But tipping a Starbucks worker who is NOT making servers wages and only has to fill my damn cup with coffee seems stupid.

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wow FML is french? I have conflicting feelings about liking this site!!! Oh No!!! Crisis!!! TBH though it's cool that I liked something french without knowing it. Then again there are many things I like that I don't know much about where they are from.

Regardless of whether the tip is deserved or not, the guy dropped a " tip", implying he was giving, but he was just being a jerk who used the tip jar as his own personal trash can...

I make $2.13 an hour for being a server in Kentucky. Tips vary day by day, which means some days I come home with far less than minimum wage.

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because it's a country pretending to be rich that has a third-world rate of pay, and you can only survive on the grease of fat hogs

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Where the hell are they working at, minimum wage in Cali is 9.00 usd per hour... Shit 2.50 isn't even enough to get my morning mocha

It varies state by state, and a lot of states' minimum wage for servers is $2.13-2.50.

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You are missing the point, and I don't feel like explaining

I understand that sucks, but don't take it to heart. I'm sure someone will give you an awesome tip soon enough.

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this isnt even an fml. at least you have a job and make money

Customers are silly sometimes, ah well, you can try and get tips from the next person in line!

The card was empty. No money was on it, so there would be no free coffee for OP.

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#26 Actually, since op works at Starbucks, while you're at work coffee is always free.

Oh I would imagine so. OP would probably be sick of the coffee though, depending on how long she's worked there (most people are that way if they get similar benefits at their job).

what an inconsiderate jackass! that belonged in the garbage, not in a tip jar! talk about adding insult to injury! ugh

How sweet. Maybe you can turn around and regift the card, pay it forward so to say.

We also have a tip jar at Starbucks I work at, but the employees don't get any tips :(

So the tips just go in the register?? That sounds fairly illegal.