God don't pay my bills

By Anonymous - 10/01/2023 00:00

Today, I told my fiancé that I don’t believe in God, so I won’t be going to church anymore because I’ll be picking up the Sunday shift at work. I don’t have a fiancé anymore because I’m, “a godless heathen who will burn for eternity.” FML
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Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven, I say

Your FML today will be much more recoverable than had an atheist and a religious fanatic stayed together. That would be two, permanent FMLs!

So was this like an arranged marriage sort of thing, did you not know they were religious, check the wrong box on mail-order bride?

Did you all not discuss this before now?

You dodged a bullet. FYL, but this is for the best.

I feel sorry both for OP and also for OP’s former fiancé. Obviously this seems unfair to OP. But it also shows the depths of OP’s fiancé’s conditioning that she could not tolerate her fiancé not being of the faith she was brought up in. Either that or it was intended to force OP’s “conversion” to her preferred faith… OP, I am sorry that this happened. I have respect for you that you stood your convictions instead of caving in to Fiancé’s pressure. Had you rolled over and professed to believe as Fiancé’s preferred faith - It would not have been the end. Then you would have been required to demonstrate your faith… My own background is Protestant, but my personal beliefs are somewhat more “complicated”. And I have gone through various steps in my personal faith. But I would not, as an adult, change my professed faith or beliefs just because someone demanded me to do so. When you encounter someone who insists that is the requirement for a relationship with them, I think it’s best to walk away… I assume that the Fiancé was either still living at home and subject to her parent’s and church’s indoctrination or had been so imprinted early in her life. It is not uncommon within the Christian community that girls are often heavily indoctrinated in the need to not only live their Christian faith but also to only date and marry similar people… I would not criticize anyone for living according to their own sincerely held values and beliefs as long as they respect the rights of others. But attempting to force others to mirror their own beliefs is unacceptable… Finally, why attend church if you do not believe in God? I assume you are probably relatively young, and like me as a teen, it was less trouble than the inevitable arguments from your family if you didn’t. My caution is that the probability is many of the girls you meet there are probably going to be of the same mindset as former fiancé, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

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And your fiancé was a total bigot

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wrong. Some faiths forbid marriage to a non-believer. And if the person is a true believer, they will not betray the faith.

just curious, how had this topic not come up before you two got engaged?