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By Soggy Sophia - 27/03/2013 15:44 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I went for my daily post-op doctor's appointment, where I was told I can resume normal activities. Which was handy when I came home to half-an-inch of water throughout my apartment, due to my washing machine drainage pipe coming undone while I was gone. FML
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Water way to dampen your spirits. This is definitely a plumber, OP.

OP I know you wanted an indoor pool, but clearly this is a better idea!


Wizardo 33

Bad times OP but just call up the plumber and get your pipes checked out, that should cheer you up :)

That wouldn't cheer me up, plumbers are expensive.

bamagrl410 31

The water damage to the apartment is probably expensive too. A half inch of water can do a lot more than most probably think. I've experienced it, and it definitely sucks...

NioBerry 7

ouch I hope there was not a lot of carpet :(

Yeah, well I hope that OP wins the lottery tomorrow. That's right... You've been one upped

NioBerry 7

why the lotto what if she inherits a house that is fully paid for and furnished

OP I know you wanted an indoor pool, but clearly this is a better idea!

That sucks OP. maybe you should try imagining that it's waterworld?

3rdbass 9

A shitty Kevin Costner movie? Why not.

Water way to dampen your spirits. This is definitely a plumber, OP.

I bet op is whet with excitement at the thought of resuming normal activities now...

#21: Is that so? Usually I whet my appetite. I believe the word you were looking for was "wet". Make sure it doesn't' happen again. *sharpens knife using whetstone*

What exactly about the word "doesn't" needed a second contraction?

I feel like if I was going to correct someone's typo (whet to wet for example), that I'd be incredibly cautious in my own grammar/spelling while doing so.

But I also apologize for my typo which led to the misuse of a word altogether.

I guess it's time for a plumber to clean your pipes but whatever you do don't hand him a glass of water.

Cintia07 7

She may want to give him that water, it's all part of the "resume normal activities." (The sex, not the sleeping with a random worker)

At least it wasn't from a backed up toilet.

3rdbass 9

When your toilet backs up, that's when you know the shit has hit the floor.

astralvagan 20

Don't let it drain your day away.... Go swimming and then clean everything up afterwards, especially since everything is going to need to be rewashed anyways


(Coming from someone who displays their YDI badge prominently in their profile)

#18, it's not like you can rearrange your badges either. They just go in the order you earned them. So he's not "prominently displaying" it, it's just there.

Ydi for needing surgery.. Ydi for not properly checking the pipes before you left.. Ydi for leaving.. Ydi because I want the badge.. Ydi for not turning off your water before you left..

See if your insurance won't cover some, if not all of the damages OP.