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Today, one of my cats gave birth. My other cat responded by eating the new litter in a jealous rage, then got indigestion and vomited. I had to clean up regurgitated kittens. FML
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Just to clarify a few things: my two adult cats (the mother and the baby-eater) are sisters. I had planned to have them both spayed a few months ago but the baby-eater was very unwell at the time, so I decided to postpone the spaying for both of them so that I could eventually get them both done at the same time. By the time the unwell cat had recovered the other had already snuck out of the house and fallen pregnant, so I resigned myself to letting her have the kittens and then taking them both to be fixed. That's how this situation happened. To those questioning whether I was aware of the potential danger, yes I was, but the mother cat is usually dominant to her sister and intimidates her a lot, so I assumed she'd chase her away if she tried to go near the newborns. Instead she seemed indifferent to the situation and simply stood by while her sister killed the litter. As for why I did not intervene, I was not in the room at the time. I entered the room and saw the cat had given birth, then exited the room to go and fetch her some extra food and water. When I returned I found the sister in the room with blood around her mouth, half a leg on the floor, and the mother sitting off to one side washing herself. As I stared at the scene in a mixture of surprise and revulsion, the killer began coughing violently then vomited. So that's how you came to read about this event. As for those suggesting I should punish the killer in some way, I am not going to. She was just acting on instinct, like all non-human animals do. And I think that's all I have to say for now. Sorry for the long comment.

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If you've never eaten someone you were jealous of, you're not truly living.


If you've never eaten someone you were jealous of, you're not truly living.

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Should have had kitty fixed, too many homeless cats as it is... Sorry you had to deal with it tho.

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OP, are you sure it was in jealousy and not in hunger? Have you been feeding them well enough?!

Maybe the kittens were planned and she intended on keeping them or already had people lined up to get them.

Doesn't matter, there are already so many kittens and cats that are available for adoption. PS This FML is the reason i'm a dog person.

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Mother dogs will not eat their own puppies... a dog wouldn't even eat the person it lives with because that person is a member of the pack.

its the circle of life... deal with it

It all depends on the breed of dog my friend had a pitbull that killed her own puppy bc someone touched it

No, mother's will eat the puppies if you touch them too early, etc. My friend breeds dogs, and this has happened to her multiple times.

fix your pets, you are obviously not qualified to handle this shit. Their lives are on you buddy

Thats a lie. Dogs do not kill their young because someone touched it.

125- You obviously know little about canine behavior. On one hand, no, a well raised dog generally won't kill and eat its owner. On the other, a mother dog with a hormone imbalance will eat her own pups.

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#2, you are confused, dear. While the term "eating pussy" connotes something very pleasureable (at least for the recipient;)), it is just a figure of speech. When it happens literally, the kitties die a fast death and are gone forever.

Yes #2, they're perfectly fine. Now how about I cannibalize you then throw your remains back up. Couldn't be that bad for you could it?

Its alright #2 I'm smart enough to see sarcasm

You are literally to stupid to insult

97-- if you want to insult someone's intelligence, you might want to make sure everything in your post is correct. It is TOO stupid to insult.

Too* stupid, I believe is what you meant to say. Clearly you're SUPER intelligent which is what gives you the authority to correct others.

all of these peoplr don't see ur sarcasm but I do job well done

Yes, they are! I was eaten and regurgitated right after birth and years later I'm fine and dandy!

How could the kittens be okay if they were eaten?!

MikeonFML 17

Honestly I don't think she's being sarcastic, I think she genuinely thought they were swallowed whole or something then thrown up before being digested. Which yes, leaves some intelligence to be desired

Why has #39 been thumbed down? Personally I found that reference funny..

thrAsHeRr9081 16

"Sarcasm." Right. I knew that was coming as soon as I read that idiotic comment.

There are all sorts of things wrong with you.

What gives the majority of you the right to insult someone for either, looking past the obvious or making a sarcastic comment? I mean WHO CARES. Post how you feel about the author not about comments that can be misjudged. Seriously, people need to lay off feeling high & mighty over other.

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They were eaten by one of their own kind.

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Dang, I knew cats were feisty but this is a new level

It's rare though. Our female cat just had a litter, but her brother is scared of them. He sniffs them and runs away, though he's usually quite feisty with everything else.

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He's like most men with babies...That's to be expected.

There are no words for this kind of sad horror. :(

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Yes there are, slightly used kitten for example

AliceLockehart 18

I think this is the saddest FML I've ever read :(

JE553 9

I disagree the one about the shat covered bathtub was pretty bad

Person above me, you're amazing for that last comment.

I disagree. Literally tearing a baby calf a new anus was the worst one.

This thread is disgusting me...why did I choose to check it while I was eating lunch? Euunnghhh....

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That is seriously messed up, I feel sorry for your cat and you should get them neutered and sterilised to prevent this happening again, messy.

perdix 29

For some reason I just imagined the cat throwing up the kittens then looking at the OP and saying woof.

Hmm, maybe due to perdix's comment? Nah, can't be that!!

The offending cats favourite Chinese meal: Chicken chow Meow.

Obey_StudBoii 23

This is actually horrific. I wish I could unread this, so I can't even imagine how you must have felt to experience it. Sorry OP.

It goes spinal tap on the ****** up scale. 11/10

CallMeWindSock 24

I wonder how the world would be if people did this too.

In the US, we bomb children in other countries. :( We are animals too and often forget it.

Animals will do that, though I'm surprised the mother wasn't more protective. That's exactly why you have to keep them away until they start growing.

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Exactly. OP shouldn't have let the cat have kittens if she didn't know how to take care of them...

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Right because its easy to tell by just looking at a cat if its going to be a good or bad mama kitty.

40 - Let's be fair here, I wouldn't think it would occur to many people that the other cat in the house would eat the kittens.

Yeah, you never know how an animal will behave. When my cat had kittens, I was careful to closely supervise the father with the newborns because he'd been so vicious with other animals. He even chased my neighbor's big dog across the street because he was trying to get in my house. But he loved those kittens. He played with them, cuddled with them, and gave them baths. He really did everything their mother did for them except nurse them. It turned out that he's not a mean cat after all. Hen was just protecting his family.

Very true, and it's not that the mom wasn't more protective of the kittens, she just gave birth! Male cats in particular or grown female cats will rip off the head of or eat the kittens simply because the female will have the kitten's undivided attention or territory. It's instinctual, not the cat's fault, remember they are only another face of God. OP had no excuse, should have researched on what he was getting into and separated the cats before the kittens came into the world...shame on OP for being ignorant about something that would become his responsibility.

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Mother cats usually keep their litters away from other cats- especially male cats- for this reason. If your other cat is an un neutered male, you absolutely deserved this and **** the kittens lives. Then again, your cat should never have been pregnant in the first place. There is no need to breed cats when there is millions already unwanted. Unless you are some kind hearted soul who adopted an already pregnant stray, you are an irresponsible owner for not getting your cat fixed if you are unwilling or unable to keep her from getting pregnant.

What if OP wanted kittens? Who the hell are you to say that OP is wrong? That's like saying that I'm irresponsible for having kids because their are so many orphaned kids.

Except most people don't keep an entire litter their cat has. So yes it is irresponsible. Every kitten you produce with your unspayed or unneutered cat takes away a potential home for an already homeless cat sitting in a shelter waiting to be adopted. If there are no homes for the already homeless cats, shelters become full and healthy cats get put down. All because of morons who aren't responsible.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#17- I understand what you're saying, and it's okay if OP wants kittens. But proper research obviously should've been done. And most people won't keep an entire litter, and homes for kittens are often hard to find. There's enough cats in the shelter without irresponsible backyard breeders contributing to that.

I agree with you 13. Most people do not realize truly how many cats and dogs are euthanized every day. It's something we don't like to talk about, and since we don't see it we pretend it doesn't exist. I have seen puppies get gassed and it will stick with me for the rest of my life. Furthermore, stray cats are a huge threat to the ecosystem as they are great hunters with very few natural predators, they are basically an invasive species. Not saying there is anything wrong with cat ownership, I just think people should put more thought into how their actions affect the bigger picture.

You guy are rightish, maybe OP Wanted kittens, and just because most people get rid of most of the kittens. That doesn't mean that OP was planning on selling/giving away the kittens

You do know that there are cat breeders, right? People who professionally breed pedigreed cats for people who want to pay thousands of dollars for a particular kind of cat rather than adopting a mixed breed for nothing or next to nothing? That's probably not the case here, since I think a breeder would be careful not to let this happen, but still not every litter of kittens is the result of irresponsibility. But even if this litter was an accident, I don't think OP deserves this. I accidentally allowed my cat to get pregnant. I tried to get her fixed but I couldn't find a vet at a price I could afford because I had unanticipated financial problems. I also couldn't find another home for her with an owner who could afford the surgery. Half of her kittens died, and I mourned every single one. I can't imagine how devastated I would have been if they had died by getting eaten by my other cat, rather than in their sleep as they did.

You just judge. So what her cat got pregnant. How you get mad at her for her cat getting pregnant? You should be mad your mother got pregnant with your dumb ****** ass. She should of ate you then threw you the **** up cause that's how unpleasant you are. Nasty and all.

MerrikBarbarian 9

You want my opinion on cat breeders and people who want "purebred" cats? Selfish the lot of them. There is no functional difference between breed like dogs which are bred for working conditions. It's entirely aesthetic. There is 4 cats per person in the USA alone. Try working on the flip side at a shelter... Even a no kill sanctuary seeing how many cats need be euthanized because they are injured beyond any other form of help after people tired of them and literally thrown them out like trash. You know how many cats, including 2 week old kittens I hand reared that I have collected from garbage dumps? Down vote me all you want. If you get a cat, you should either get it fixed or if you can't afford to unexpectedly... It's called keep your cat indoors and away from unaltered males. I had one female who was due to get spayed while I was dealing with a flood, so she missed the appointment and came into heat. She didn't get pregnant because I kept her indoors (which is basic responsible cat ownership) and away from all males. I got her spayed as soon as I was able. Every kitten born is one less home... And one more animal likely to have someone go "cute kitten" and once it's a cat throw it away.anyways, if you really want a purebred... There is breed rescues. The only reason to breed cats is pure and utter selfishness.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Thanks 49. I've seen some horrible things in over a decade of working with cat shelters and sanctuaries both kill and non kill. You never get over seeing healthy kittens euthanized because the shelter is over full, there is no homes and its more humane than the only available placement- in research labs. Wonder how many "breeders" know the numbers of "free to good home" that end up used for research labs, or thrown in the trash literally. Anyone who thinks I'm unreasonable, try facing the image of garbage cans filled with innocent, healthy animals, who died because there was no homes. Assist in euthanasia of the kittens there aren't homes for and tell me ANYONE who breeds isn't selfish- especially when they never touch the euthanasia side of things.

MerrikBarbarian 9

208- it's called education opportunity. Commenters read comments even if op doesn't, as you have so nicely shown. Pity you missed the message.