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By  BrittanyPernell6  |  0

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  XmanInTraining  |  18

C'mon #43, the comics definitely show that Batman completely dominates Superman. He has missiles filled with Kryptonite that are set to deploy if Superman ever goes darkside. Batman pretty much owns Superman

  awardZu  |  0

I would think it's obvious. A grown man and an adolecent boy that live alone in a big mansion and go out dressing in rubber costumes & masks? Batman is a pedophile who's into S&M, Robin is his "boy toy". Then you have to think of all Batman's 'gadgets' and wonder what else he uses them for. Gay.

  Jojo07_fml  |  0

wow, really? people are this perverted? first off, Bruce Wayne was with Selena Kyle and each Robin(there were 5) had a girlfriend. except for one because she was a girl. oh, and robin and batman weren't alone. Alfred lived there too and Lucius Fox visited often.