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So, I'm the person that submitted this, I made an account to clear up confusion on my story. This wasn't an engagement ring, or a promise ring, just something to say that he loved me. The ring wasn't ridiculously expensive, and I'm grateful for it AND him, no matter what the price is. I wasn't complaining about him, more like ranting about what happened. I thought it was funny, and thought that other people might too. Trust me, I know that I'm very lucky, and fortunate to have a guy like him, even if he didn't take the moment seriously. But, that's what makes him special in my eyes, since he has a sense of humor. :)
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 27 September 2011 17:30 / United States
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  xk75  |  4

This post brightened my day-most fml posts about boyfriends/girlfriends behaving badly make me sad for the future of humanity, but I like this guy!


I am totally on OP's side here. If he was proposing to her he should take it seriously and not ruin it. But then again, I'm an old soul in a young body and don't understand half the shit my generation does and I see most of it as pointless and immoral, but that's just me (and I guess OP).

  xk75  |  4

Ring doesn't necessarily mean "promise" or "engagement." that's a pretty important detail, don't you think the op would have mentioned it? A ring is a ring-period.

I received a fine jewelry ring as a birthday gift from a boyfriend and neither one of us harbored any delusions about the ring being anything more than a thoughtful and romantic birthday gift. And yes I would have cracked the eff up big time if he pulled the stunt described in the fml!


Well most women assume if a guy is giving them a ring, there's some level of commitment with it which is why it's a dumb idea for a guy to give a girl a ring as a random gift. If OP is one of those many women then she may not have felt the need to mention whether it was an engagement/promise ring. It's just unclear in the Fml. She should have said "engagement/promise ring" or "random for no apparent reason ring". The Fml staff should add another 50 characters to the limit so these can be more clear.

  seppi24  |  1

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