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Today, my boyfriend bought me a gorgeous ring that I fell in love with. As he slid the ring on my finger for the first time, he started moving it up and down my finger and making loud sex sounds, completely ruining the romantic moment. FML
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katethegreatxx tells us more.

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So, I'm the person that submitted this, I made an account to clear up confusion on my story. This wasn't an engagement ring, or a promise ring, just something to say that he loved me. The ring wasn't ridiculously expensive, and I'm grateful for it AND him, no matter what the price is. I wasn't complaining about him, more like ranting about what happened. I thought it was funny, and thought that other people might too. Trust me, I know that I'm very lucky, and fortunate to have a guy like him, even if he didn't take the moment seriously. But, that's what makes him special in my eyes, since he has a sense of humor. :)

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He was letting you know what he wanted in exchange for the ring.


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This post brightened my day-most fml posts about boyfriends/girlfriends behaving badly make me sad for the future of humanity, but I like this guy!

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if that was a mood ring, than i'm sure it turned blue. :S

She fell in love with the ring? Any love for the guy?

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I don't see this as an FML op, atleast you got an awesome story to tell :D

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I am totally on OP's side here. If he was proposing to her he should take it seriously and not ruin it. But then again, I'm an old soul in a young body and don't understand half the shit my generation does and I see most of it as pointless and immoral, but that's just me (and I guess OP).

It doesn't say anything about an engagement. All it says is OP was given a ring which they fell in love with.

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Well usually a ring is for an engagement or a promise ring. Promise rings are still something to be taken seriously and nothing to joke about.

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Ring doesn't necessarily mean "promise" or "engagement." that's a pretty important detail, don't you think the op would have mentioned it? A ring is a ring-period. I received a fine jewelry ring as a birthday gift from a boyfriend and neither one of us harbored any delusions about the ring being anything more than a thoughtful and romantic birthday gift. And yes I would have cracked the eff up big time if he pulled the stunt described in the fml!

ReynshineCutting 10

Well most women assume if a guy is giving them a ring, there's some level of commitment with it which is why it's a dumb idea for a guy to give a girl a ring as a random gift. If OP is one of those many women then she may not have felt the need to mention whether it was an engagement/promise ring. It's just unclear in the Fml. She should have said "engagement/promise ring" or "random for no apparent reason ring". The Fml staff should add another 50 characters to the limit so these can be more clear.

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He was letting you know what he wanted in exchange for the ring.

You should've held his balls tightly for ruining the moment. FYL

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Depends how big the diamound is on the ring

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LOL! I would laugh if my bf did that!