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Today, at work, I had to tell a woman that there is no such thing as a "pedigree Beahuahuadoodle", and that she'd essentially paid $500 for a mutt. FML
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what?! tell that to my pedigree labraeagleman! i paid a fine fortune for him


what?! tell that to my pedigree labraeagleman! i paid a fine fortune for him

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Well excuse me, but I special ordered my chipoopittador, and he's registered. Of course, I got his papers in an alleyway, but they're still legit! I think...

iShanny 13

It took me a minute, but I believe it's chihuahua-poodle-pit bull-labrador.

My little brother is never going to believe that our Masdachpittdane isn't real! What are we supposed to tell him? This is outrageous! Those papers looked so real...

Maybe this started with someone saying "I bet you can't tell some sucker that dog is a Beahuahuadoodle and sell it for for $500"

There's a Venezuelan comedian that says: "Some things, us men just do them only so we're able to tell the story." That being said, the punchline might be something like "..and she actually believed the pedigree!" while a little girl loves a may-not-so-pretty mutt.

Yup! I have to tell customers all the time that they have spent hundreds of dollars on dogs that are mutts! Half of them don't listen though.

I had a lady bring me a maltese and told me it was a Yorkie and she had paper..

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Yep - Labradoodles, Chi-poos, malti-poos, chi weenies... ITS A MUTT. Save your hundreds of dollars, go to the shelter, and adopt one just like it!

Mutt is just a term for a mixed breed dog. There is nothing wrong with a "mutt" or spending lots of money on the dog you really want with a breed that has the characteristics & personality that fit your personality and families needs. I hate how the word "mutt" is used as a derogatory term and used as if the dog is of lesser value.

I agree. The word "mutt" is like a bullet to my chest.

Not every one sees it as a derogatory. I call my dog a mutt all the time, because he is, he's the result of two crossbreeds being bred together, but there are people who put a lot of value in their pedigree dogs who sadly do think that a non pedigree is bad. Hence the hilarity in their ignorance of buying a "pedigree beahuahuadoodle" Sadly, you can't put brains in stupid.

I think breeds have no particular value. My wife loves pugs -though we don't have any dogs, yet- and I like huskies and malamutes. That doesn't mean that, when we get a dog, this would be a must. If we like the dog, we'll have it. Some mutts have a very beautiful mix of features. Particularly, I think pugs are ugly, and they have a lot of hereditary health problems due to inbreeding. If we consider Darwinist thought, mutts actually might have genetic advantage due to a vaster gene pool. I take a healthier dog over an expensive pedigreed dog.

I think we can almost all agree that "purebred" is just a fancy word for "inbred"

My dog is 100% mutt. Blue heeler, supposedly some Lab, some kind of Shepherd, and who knows what. Only now in his 14th year is he showing signs of slowing down. He is smart and sociable. "Mutt" is the biggest compliment you can give a dog.

I should say I have no problems with the word mutt, I only have a problem when it's been used as a put down. My dog is also a mutt. :)

Some girl tried to sell a puppy on a local buy and sell page for $300 and pass it off as "pure bred German Shepard". She got the dog for free off my friend, and I know for a fact both parents are mutts

I'm amazed that she didn't notice the name is literally a contraction of a bunch of other breed names. And then goes on to claim it's purebred... Ugh.

For anyone interested I'm crossbreeding a Shih Tzu and a Bulldog. Anyone interested in some puppies for only $500 a pop? Where else are you going to find Bullshit at such low prices?

I actually know someone with a bullshit. It's a cute little dog.

PePziNL 20

If you make up a story about how those dogs pooped (but they really didn't), is it bullshitshitbullshit?