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Today, I met my teacher after school to talk about a paper on which he gave me a low grade. I told him that I felt it was wrongly graded and he agreed. He lowered my score. FML
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Your use of "wrongly" explains the low grade.

I did that to a student last semester. When you get a crappy grade, the teacher often gives you some pity points to soften the blow. You whine and the bottom drops out.


Your use of "wrongly" explains the low grade.

I did that to a student last semester. When you get a crappy grade, the teacher often gives you some pity points to soften the blow. You whine and the bottom drops out.

You sound like an asshole. There was a time when I went to a professor to ask him to read a paper that the TA graded. It was graded lower than any paper I'd written, and especially lower than the amount of effort I'd put into it. It's possible to have respectful interaction between professor and student, and he did raise my grade.

Power crazy, pathetic teacher. Way to encourage them to never come back to you for anything ever again, which was probably your goal.

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If he were to check his mistakes, he would learn something. He didn't do it and just went to the teacher.

I think there's a major difference between whining about a grade (as in complaining about it without asking for the teachers reasons, refusing to listen to your teachers explanation and refusing to accept the mark) versus having a mature discussion about the grade with your teacher (as in asking why your teacher felt his grade was deserved, asking the teacher what they thought could've been done better, explaining why you feel a higher grade would've been more appropriate, and re-examining the papers requirements together). To just immediately knock down the grade without listening to your students thoughts or explaining why you feel the mark given was appropriate is just rude and makes you the teacher seem power hungry and like you don't care about your students improvement or to have any communication or rapport with your students.

You're the type of teacher I would be afraid to have. The original poster wasn't "whining" at all. All you've done for your students is prevented them from seeking help on a paper they may have done poorly on. I'm not the type to say, "You should lose your job!" ...but that is a terrible philosophy that you impose.

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Oh calm down people, he said "a" student last semester, meaning one. For all we know, OP could have been very bitchy and rudely assertive. The fml could have been worded to change the tone of the event. I believe that teachers should be supportive to an extent, but some students have their heads so far up their ass that they think they actually wrote a good essay when, in face, it was utter garbage. I've seen a student literally yell at the professor that their essay didn't deserve a D. At that point, she tore into the essay stating everything that made it a 5th grade paper. Their parents probably pampered them with too much false positive support. OP should have gotten a second opinion from another teacher or asked what they could do to improve the paper. If it was indeed graded lower than it should have been, it would have been apparent in the feedback from the teacher about the paper.

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How do you know that OP isn't one of those grade-grubbing, overly entitled, pampered assholes who whine if they get anything less than an "A", which they feel they obviously deserve because they "worked so hard"? Just playing devil's advocate, but you really don't know the true circumstances.

"I feel as though my paper was wrongly graded." "I couldn't agree more; that's exactly how you feel. You hit the nail on the head!"

This really depends on how you acted. If you were whining and bitching then YDI. If you were trying to have a normal teacher student relationship about your grades and your teacher decided to power trip and be a ******* asshole when FYL

I'm not sure they can lower a grade after it's been published. Unless you put in an application for revision of grade, and in that case they generally don't meet you. Appeal to the Dean or VC.

That's for final class grades, this was just an assignment

It's not a used car lot. You don't haggle for grades.

I don't blame them. It's disrespectful to say it was wrongly graded, and it sets a negative tone to the conversation from the get go, not a smart idea with someone who might have hundreds of students which they may not want. The smart, respectful thing is to ask why it was graded that way, then to take that knowledge to your next assignment. You're very unlikely to get your grade increased, what you can do is do better next time.

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You are telling me I don't know how to grade my own papers great now 10 points off. #howdoyoulokeyourgradenow!

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Always double check answers first.