By fuck you, bitchcake - Canada - Dartmouth
Today, at the movies, some asswipe kept throwing candy at me. After 20 minutes of it, I got up and went over to get him to stop. Good news: his balls vanished faster than a politician's spine immediately after being elected. Bad news: I got kicked out for "starting a disturbance". FML
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  arsenicalhumor  |  30

Actually, we give dog sleds with upgraded Huskies, because we're that fucking nice. SO much better then popcorn. What do you think we are, arrogant or something? Jeez.

By  Cazz91  |  21

What a twit. Not only did he start shit first but he wasted delicious candy on you for nothing! Other people would have appreciated watching the film while eating that expensive candy more so than him (unless he snuck his own in) but same thing still applies.