By taurus05 - United States
  Today, I was talking to my fellow coworker about how nervous I was about sleeping with this guy I really liked. She's been constantly giving me advice about him for months, but today she said "Oh don't worry, he isn't that good in bed anyway." FML
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  perdix  |  29

I think the funny part is that the co-worker was giving the OP advice about the guy while sleeping with him, too.

I like the message the co-worker sent: "He's not good enough for me, so he's perfect for you."

Maybe if the co-worker got off her high horse and lowered her standards, they could have a threesome of mediocre sex. That's lukewarm, man!

  Spitfire86  |  0

I kind of agree with that. Possibility of her lying because she decided she likes him too and wants to take him herself. But either way, does it matter if he's good or bad in bed? We all have our own standards on that matter. And a relationship isn't all based on sex. If you likke him, date him and see what happens for yourself.