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By  muffledpotato  |  17

Maybe talk to their parents and see if it was by mistake? I'm sure they'd apologize and give it back. The kid alone needs to seriously be taught to leave others personal stuff alone. Sorry OP

By  OneOnJuanAction  |  22

Due to closed comments on the FML featured after this, I have to post it here:
Why does it matter whether he is voting for Donald Trump or not? It's his choice, and it shouldn't affect your love towards him. The date wasn't ruined, you ruined it yourself.

  nodeathtoall  |  19

Dude, there was a million things you could've done.
Could've made a joke,
Could've been all serious about the theft.
Instead you commented about an FML that isn't the topic just because you wanted people to know your opinion.
Which is almost contradictory to your statement because you said it didn't matter his opinion because it doesn't change anything.

By  farmgirl98  |  14

Little kids have sticky fingers; they really can't help it at that age. They may know it's wrong in theory, but because their brains are still compelled by their ego, and they are more likely to just snatch something they want up on impulse. Mom or dad takes money out of their wallet to buy me candy; I want candy; if I take this wallet maybe I'll be able to get candy. Hopefully you got it back OP!

  chinaski7628  |  32

9, when I was in the first grade, I stole stickers out of a teacher's desk. I knew it was wrong, and I knew going through other people's personal property was wrong. While you're right about their brains and moral compasses not being fully developed, kids that age know stealing is wrong (unless their parents never taught them it was or never punished them for theft in the past). And while they do have poor impulse control, I doubt the wallet was in plain sight—most teachers keep their personal items in cupboards, cabinets, or their desk. That means the kid most likely had to open drawers and search for it, so it wasn't an impulse, either. This kid needs real consequences to his actions or this will become repeat behavior.