By fastfingers409 - 22/4/2009 06:44 - United States
Today, at a concert, I noticed a cute keytarist in one of the bands. After they got off stage, I asked their bass player if she was single. He replied, "actually, she's married," holding up his left hand, he continued, "to me." FML
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By  Pyromie  |  2

Ouch, That one had to sting. I'd have told him "Oh... really? I wish i would have known that last night at the bar... It would have saved me some beer and a condom. "

By  unibrowicorn  |  0

i don't see why people voted "YDI". what, like the OP should have carefully examined the keyboardist's(keytarist??) fingers and also the husband's before he asked if she was single?
it's just a little embarrassing. not much of an FML.
#3 uh...the OP is a man...? unless i misread.