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By clumsycat - 30/06/2017 15:54

Today, I thought my water had broken. I'd actually just peed myself when the baby moved. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

Prankster in the oven.

Better safe than sorry, because that is one hell of an investment.


Better safe than sorry, because that is one hell of an investment.

Lobby_Bee 17

Prankster in the oven.

"Hi, I'm unborn baby, and today I'm going to trick mom into thinking I'm ready to come out."

Buy adult diapers. You're going to need them after the birth (VERY heavy period).

Ohh OP this happened to me too. Difference was, my husband took his saved free days off of work in an instant and after we rushed to the Hospital and got told it was not time right now, he could not take this back. Thank god our daughter came on a sunday, 13 days late...

brendejafulable 41

Been there too.

I had the exact opposite happen. My water broke and the nurse swore I just peed myself. Up until this FML, I've spent 8 years trying to figure out if pregnant women just pee themselves and not know. No one would ever admit it happened to them. And I only had one and never had that issue. So, thanks for clearing that mystery up.

Suuure. Blame the baby. S/he can't say anything yet.

I'm can't tell if your being humorous or not. I hope so, because otherwise that statement says you know almost nothing about the female reproductive system and pregnancy. Possibly from lack of experience with them.