By Anonymous - 15/07/2017 00:30 - Italy - Verona

Today, as I woke up, the first thing I saw was a bee on my hand. I tried not to make the slightest move, waiting for it to fly away without stinging me. The second thing I saw was my cat jumping at it. FML
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ladybadone 9

Jesus Christ you should see someone about all that sand in your ******. oh, and kindly **** off.

iskallvoid 11

Them being a 'Pussy' may NOT be the iSSUE, but the FACT of them possibly being ALLERGiC to the Bee that is!!!!!

ohsnapword 21

DUDE, it has a KNIFE built into its ASS. It has an ASS-KNIFE. Tell me you wouldn't be afraid of a creature with an ass-knife.

D-MacOPsquad 15

i like how she totally didnt realize it was a pun lol always double check so you dont look dumb xD

D-MacOPsquad 15

The car was like "don't worry I save you!"

ladybadone 9

oh geez that sucks. is your cat OK?

Lobby_Bee 17

Bumble bees are very tame, nothing you should worry about. Move your hand and it'll fly away. Take it as a compliment, your hands must smell like sweet nectar.