By Anonymous - 15/07/2017 00:30 - Italy - Verona

Today, as I woke up, the first thing I saw was a bee on my hand. I tried not to make the slightest move, waiting for it to fly away without stinging me. The second thing I saw was my cat jumping at it. FML
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Wasp are you talking about?


*Cue the theme from Psycho!*

Wasp are you talking about?

so are you asshat

Jesus Christ you should see someone about all that sand in your vagina. oh, and kindly fuck off.

So are you ass hat

Don’t bee a pussy!

Them being a 'Pussy' may NOT be the iSSUE, but the FACT of them possibly being ALLERGiC to the Bee that is!!!!!

ohsnapword 21

DUDE, it has a KNIFE built into its ASS. It has an ASS-KNIFE. Tell me you wouldn't be afraid of a creature with an ass-knife.

i like how she totally didnt realize it was a pun lol always double check so you dont look dumb xD

The car was like "don't worry I save you!"

oh geez that sucks. is your cat OK?

Bumble bees are very tame, nothing you should worry about. Move your hand and it'll fly away. Take it as a compliment, your hands must smell like sweet nectar.