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It came back with a vengence!

Moths get all the shit. What about butterflies? They flutter about the fucking place thinking "oooooh look at me, so colorful and vibrant". While moths cry themselves to sleep every night wondering if they will ever get equality to their beautiful cousins. Just a thought.

Huh, what you say? I was distracted by this beautiful butterfly.

No it was the moths brother, soon your house will be infested with moths holding a vendetta for there fallen brethren!

Am I the only one who likes moths and butterflies equally? :3

67, no you're not, I like them both also.

Burn the house down. Then moths can't come into your house.

Use a hammer next time

Just crank up some Justin Bieber and it will fly into a ceiling fan and kill itself

I recommend Thor's hammer.

The problem with that, 42, is that any neighbours within earshot would begin to question OP's sanity. Also, OP would probably be right behind that moth on the whole suicide thing.

That's true, I'm pretty sure Hitler used this tactic

That's true, I'm pretty sure Hitler used this tactic

What a clever idea.

Right on the money.

Too bad JB wasnt alive during WWII

That really sucks. Use a hammer next time. I'm sure that'll work

Awww poor 3 :( you were a little late on that one.

By seconds. Maybe next time!

That moth be infuriating.

Lyke OMG what hapenn to him!!!!!!¡???! (Joke)

59 - if you have to write "(joke)", your joke probably wasn't that good.

I dont even know what 59 was talking about

Nasty winged bastards.

It's like the real life moth man prophecies!

ThatOtherMegan 30

I hate moths.

Fuck you, Moths are sexy. Scary, but sexy.

I hate moths too , I'm phobic to moths and butterflies and dragonflies , I have been since I was 3 :(

Why is this thumbed down? I thought it was pretty good.

I see what you dis there! Lol

lolfood, thank you T~T it warms my heart to see that people still appreciate a good pun.

The revenge of the fallen.

Mothra's revenge. This time with its babies.