By momof2boys - 19/01/2010 09:59 - United States

Today, my two boys decided to draw in permanent marker on the leather seats of the car I have had up for sale for 3 weeks with no interest. I call my husband to tell him we're going to have to keep it. He just made an appointment with a guy who has cash and is ready to buy it tomorrow. FML
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You obviously don't know how to raise kids if they managed to vandalize on the car seats.

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You Deserve this. A Car is no place for a child to play. You should of had the doors locked and the keys out of reach. Also assuming they used permanent marker they must be young. How did you not see them head outside with markers open the car and draw inside.


Um... you should talk to the guy, and see if he minds the marker....

A. Why would your kids have access to permanent marker? You're obviously not too smart. B. Either renegotiate, pay to have new leather refitted or keep the car. C. WHY would your kids have access to PERMANENT marker? Are you insane?

OH NO! Permanent marker! The evil of all evils! Geez, chill, what's so wrong about letting kids use permanent marker? Sure, these kids didn't think about the situation, but I knew that it would be super hard to remove when I was a kid, so I used it all the time. Never heard of a parent not letting their kid use premanent marker...

You need to discipline your kids. So YDI and FYL for being a terrible parent. (btw - alcohol may remove the stains)

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or , since he probably will - lower the price a little . but as for your kids , time to get the belt out ! lol :) well only if they're old enough to understand what they did was wrong .

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I think 'terrible' is a strong word.

All you need is a cloth and some oil or gas stain remover, it worka especially well on leather.

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I disagree. I'm not going to pretend to know what parenting is like because I have no kids, nor do I want any. But I distinctly remember drawing on the walls in marker when I was younger. Why? Just fer teh lulz (I was old enough to know better). Haven't done it since because I will also always remember getting that ass-kicking and having to clean up the mess. Other than a few isolated incidents, I was a pretty well behaved child. Like other people said, every once in a while I did things just to see what I could get away with. Now, as I realize how much excessive trouble I put myself through, I don't particularly understand why I did things just fer teh lulz/evulz. It was all a big learning experience, I guess. I don't think this story automatically means the OP is a terrible parent. And if the boys are the age I was when I drew all over the wall, then getting access to permenant markers is as easy as opening a cabinent and walking away.

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I got beat by the belt once... I felt good for two seconds, then I just kinda scarred, and felt very much sadness D=, don't beat your kids over it though, the beating your children with a switch or belt is not a good punishment for it can psychologically damage their bond with you for a long time, especially if they are 5 and would probably be one of their earliest memories , because for another 20 years they would remember that day as the day you "betray" them...

Wow, dumbasses these days... Just use Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers.. Seriously, they erase everything. When i sold my house, i used that and erased every single mark on the walls with it.

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If they're young enough to draw all over everything, they're probably also young enough to chew on the business end of the marker. That sh*t is toxic. I believe they have warnings on the packaging to that effect. Plus, young kids+unsupervised+with any kind of marking pen=you deserve what you get.

Your fault for allowing them access to a marker of any kind. As a parent of 2 kids (7 and 2), I know to keep that type of thing out of reach from the kids... this goes for crayons, markers, knives, butter knives, sharp objects, dull damaging objects and so on

i love my parents, i was beat when i was bad at the age of four, and while it's not one of my earliest memories, it is one of my most vivid early memories, i even remember what i said when i was about to get whupped, "if you try it, im just gonna laugh", for being a smart-ass, i got 2 whuppin's, and now because i was beat as a child, i'm a good boy now, some parents are even a little envious of my behavior compared to their kids

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Acetone will remove permanant marker. a.k.a. nail polish remover

You obviously don't know how to raise kids if they managed to vandalize on the car seats.


holy shit I would be soo ****** pissed off, fyl

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You Deserve this. A Car is no place for a child to play. You should of had the doors locked and the keys out of reach. Also assuming they used permanent marker they must be young. How did you not see them head outside with markers open the car and draw inside.

ughh, maybe they did it while she was driving, and didn't see because she was concentrating on the road

#75 Still wouldn't have happened if they'd kept the markers away and had actually parented their children. At age 2 or 3, I already knew vandalism was bad!! The mere thought of destroying the car seats shouldn't even occur to them if the parents had raised them properly.

Because kids are ******* sneaky I would assume. It's always when it seems like they're being quiet that they're at their worst.

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159 oh please thats BS beating children when they are rude is a great idea my daughter loves me regardless and has a sound mindhe knows when she is wrong and a consequence she gets the belt....

hair spray gets out permanent marker!! ps. CONTROL YOUR KIDS!!

Just tell the buyer that it's original "artwork" and make him pay extra for a one of a kind piece of work. Winning.

kids are kids, you cannot keep an eye on them 24/7 like you'd like to... crap happens. white vinegar also gets permanent marker out...ones it dries it doesn't smell either. good luck.

Please... So your kids are only good as long as youre staring at them? Teaching them doing bad things are alrigtht as long as you don't get caught.. good ******* job.

no, i have seven nephews that i watch frequently. i know how boys can be. they still have a decision to make it they are going to do what you told them to or not. you can tell them how they behave but only THEY can choose to actually do it or not. some are stubborn and they'll do what they want regardless of any consequences. you cannot honestly tell me you have never done something your parents told you not to... you obviously dont have any boys of your own.

Bullshit. You watch some nephews. You're NOT involved in being a parent. Stop feeling all superior and acting like you're better than us who actually HAVE children. Get off your high horse and stop thinking you're the only one in the world who knows anything when you're so clueless. If you raise them properly, they'll still break the rules every so often as it's natural, but they'll obviously not be doing something as stupid and gratuitous as destroying car seats.

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If the hairspray doesn't work, go to any beauty supply store and get pure acetone polish remover and that should get it out.

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MISTER CLEAN MAGIC ERASER!! My brother got into a collection of sharpies while I was watching him (about a week ago) and had and drew all over my bed frame and our white leather couches and the Magic eraser got all of it out as if it where washable. Sorry about my choice of words, not feeling particularly eloquent today.

I second that. Not so sure about on car seats because it's a textile after all, but on hard surfaces those erasers are lifesavers, so it's worth a try.

If you were watching him why did you let him get into it?

Try nail polish remover? It might help? Hope u get those marker ink off! :D