By arh - 28/08/2012 00:10 - Australia - Newport

Today, I wore an expensive vintage blazer which I'd purchased at a market in Paris. Turns out my colleague has the exact same one, only hers is from a clearance rack at Target. FML
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I hate when other people get better deals than I do. Pisses me off.

I hate when the clothing I buy ends up being on sale a couple days later.

You could resell it on an online vintage marketplace, like ASOS. People go for that stuff~

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I think OP is saying that the seller from the market bought a bunch of cheap Target blazers, then sold them as "vintage" items for a higher price.

"the same exact one" - quoted by the OP :)

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Maybe it's the same designer at target making the same blazer for 40 years.

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It could also be that the target one is a knock off.

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Oh man that sucks, got ripped off hard

I guess there are advantages to being a cheapskate like me who never buys expensive vintage anything ^^

Hey at least now you know we're to get cheaper blazers?unfortunately Countries make millions of dollars off of tourists

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9 - Technically, 8's comment would still work. "At least you know we are to get cheaper blazers." It's just not what 8 meant.

Technically yours is original and vintage and hers is most likely a fake. Yours is better, OP. (:

You don't know if her blazer is really original and vintage... It's not the first time I saw shops selling 'vintage' items which I bought on eBay for some dollars. But congrats on your colleague for not wasting shitloads of money on clothes.

If you pronounce (tär gae) then it does not sound like it is cheep

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Thats why you always buy shirts that say "I went to Paris and all I got was this t-shirt" At least people will know you got your shirt from Paris.