By InfestedCarOwner - United States - San Francisco
Today, I found out that rats have made my car their new home. I haven't even finished paying it off yet. FML
InfestedCarOwner tells us more :
Hey Guys, OP here! I'm amazed this got posted, haha. As for my rat situation - Thank you for all the suggestions. I'll definitely try and trap them in the sticky traps. For anyone telling me to clean my car, I work in pizza delivery and my cars actually very clean. I have to clean it on a regular basis, But that doesn't mean it won't smell like food all the time. A little extra backstory, Our neighbors had a rat infestation, too. We're assuming that whichever rats survived decided to make our trash cans their home, and since my car is right next to the trash cans, They got in. Also, For the people saying to use cats - A family member suggested we use our kittens to get them out. Which I'm not going to do.
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  MrsDruidess  |  23

its probably not the inside that's the issue, rats get up under the hood and nest in things like the air filter. Try moth balls in the air filter. But talk to an older mechanic with some experience. For sure your car will smell a bit, but the rats will go away and not eat all your expensive wires.


As I've said, I work for Pizza Delivery. I clean my car on a regular basis so my car can't be dirty.

As someone else has pointed out, The car doesn't have to be dirty for it to be infested.


To answer your YDI to me, I work for pizza delivery and clean my car on a regular basis. I don't leave any food behind, either. Along with this I park nearby the trash cans where we thought we could hear squealing. Just wanted to clear that up for ya!