By regrub - United States
Today, ignoring the unspoken rule of not entering the bus when the driver's not inside, I went in while he was taking a break. As I stepped inside, he reached in the window and pressed the "close-door" button. It closed on my hand. Everyone at the bus stop laughed as I yelped in pain. FML
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By  The_Disturbed  |  5

I have no sympathy for you. At all. Then again, at least in England the doors are always shut if there's no driver on board, and they take their money with them. Then 9 time out of 10 when the next driver gets on, if there's anyone on the bus, he checks their tickets...meh. Either way, YDI.

  Voltze  |  10

where i live if the bus is open you're free to come inside; the bus drivers never check after they get on to see if everyone on board has a pass. they just sit in their seat and wait to drive off.