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  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Not to shit on your parade but if he's puking it up it means he's past the point of even walking straight, no way in hell he's cleaning that up without making a bigger mess and if you leave it til next morning your house is going to smell terrible.

  Riddlerette  |  9

While very poorly worded, what #18 meant was if the throw-up had any blood in it and if for one reason or another the blood was introduced into OP's system, such as through a cut or scrape, while she was cleaning it up, or if she was in the "splash zone" she could potentially contract any STD he may have. The likelihood of that though is quite slim, certainly not even close to sharing needles. Since it was discovered that STDs can be transferred by blood, soccer players were required to wear shin guards and students are no longer allowed to test their blood types in health or science. The more you know! *rainbow*

By  SS99_fml  |  20

Hey man that really sucks, but you saved his life. He really owes you sooooo....wait until he wakes up and make him clean it up :) haha but in all seriousness, you should be somewhat happy you saved a life OP, but man that does suck