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When you feel really itchy sometimes you really get the temptation to count... I live in an area with lots of mosquitoes and when I was little, I would actually count what I've got on a bad day. (Not that I've ever got past 30-or-so, but still...)

  cupcakebruh  |  21

When I was little I stayed at my aunts house for a weekend, and it was kinda woodsy around her house at the time (its all suburbs now). Me and my cousins were out in the back playing pioneers vs indians, then I got captured and was pretend tied to a tree. I was standing there for maybe 15 minutes swatting bugs away from my legs and arms, and I start getting really itchy. We go inside and my arms and legs are completely red and swollen.

The next day, in the 10 minutes that my cousin was in the shower, I decided to count my bug bites while putting on lotion... ~250 all over my legs and arms..