By theseguysarewhipped... - 06/10/2014 15:05 - Canada - London

Today, as a limo driver, I had to drive 8 guys for a night-out from their wives. I put the Michigan/Rutgers game on the radio, thinking they would appreciate that. Apparently, they wanted to listen to their "pump-up" songs instead, which were mostly Katy Perry songs. FML
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I guess that wasn't a Perry enjoyable night

Sounds like their wives may of been the ones who wanted a night away from them.


I think we need a "neutral" option. It's just some songs. Not really an fml or a ydi.

Hahaha must've sucked listening to that the whole journey

Don't hate, they just wanted to own the night........... Like the fourth of july.

It was their own 'Teenage Dream'

They were just trying to stay "Wide Awake".

incoherentrmblr 21

I would've expected them listen to Journey, but Katy Perry. Idk if this is the scene where Harold & Kumar steal those assholes' truck and find the music they listen to...

I guess that wasn't a Perry enjoyable night

Ba dum tss

Your gonna hear him roar

xivoricbutterfly 25

They were just living the teenage dream.

Sounds like their wives may of been the ones who wanted a night away from them.

sounds about right

I hate to be THAT guy but... May have***

I may have been in a rush.

#72 **might have, sorry.

May have works too. I googled it.

#79 oh if you googled it then ... it may not be wrong --'

olpally 32

Katy perry is good, but damn, I'd rather listen to sports in that situation! Lol xD

you've obviously never heard Katy Perry singing live. she cannot sing.

You should have gone with it and been One of the Boys.

WhatsMyNameTho 11

Anything is better than listening to a Michigan game! You should probably thank them. lol

Oh damn shots fired.

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schhichick 14

Like the cow?

I like Michigan, don't get me wrong, but I agree with you entirely. Lol.

UM faithful here to validate this. Done watching them this year!

It's your job man deal with it. hell better that than them throwing up all over. Read the last sentence of my profile.