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  futtgoredo  |  0

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  13Lina97  |  0

Exactly what I was thinking!
1. OP how did you know the person was an undercover cop, when they cannot tell anyone?
2. This is one of the fakest FML's I have ever read.

  OfficerNelson  |  0

Impersonating a police officer, unlawful use of emergency lights, illegal installation of emergency lights, illegal use of an emergency vehicle siren, and enough traffic violations to fill a book all add up to a very nice arrest record if you're being serious. I wish I was that cop - those points would add up like a pinball machine.

For the record, undercover cops don't pull over vehicles for traffic violations anymore for this exact reason - people kept calling 911 thinking the cops weren't real cops. Think before you act like a fucking idiot. YDI.

  what_the_fail  |  0

Thanks for the explanation Officer Douchebag. Why don't you go eat a bacon filled donut or something you pig. Its cops like you who make daily life for people suck by arresting for petty offences. I mean you pigs will arrest a kid for smoking cigarettes and give out some outrageous traffic ticket, but you wont do anything about the numerous and dangerous gangs will you? Not only do i smell bacon, i also smell pussy.

  quotecentral  |  0

hhaha you're a fucking joke!
you think cops stand around all day?
the majority of them actually do their jobs k? the ones that sit at corners looking for speeders etc, that's because they're NEW COPS, and are only trained to do that.
and you commenting on how they should catch gangs and shit, well FYI it's not exactly easy. I'd like to see you do that and then have to deal with the 95% of teens who completely disrespect cops, which clearly would make your job harder.
wanna know why cops are so bloody rude to stupid shit-disturbing teenagers? because of the lack of respect. you think they're Pigs? are you the one that has to deal with telling families when a member dies? can you imagine telling someone parents their kid has died?
personally, i think YOU are the "pig" in this situation and you should get a reality check.

  UberFail79  |  0

Boy, I KNOW ya didn't just call me a cigarrette.

I would love to see the FBI, NYPD, LAPD, and Houston PD agree to just stop working for one week, to show people what happens without law enforcement. You, sir, are either a dumbass or a criminal. More likely, though, a poser. And the funny thing is, I bet I'm MARRIED to someone more hard-core than you. Says a cop.

  UberFail79  |  0

And, no, I am not gay, by the way. The trolls would have had a field say with the fact I never denied it. After all, they're all homophobic, as well as being cop-hating racist sexist anti-Semitic hateful spiteful douches.

  troyboyd05  |  0

I wanna know why people think it's cool to hate cops, especially teenagers! I'm a teenager and I respect cops, I may not like them that much but I respect them. Only ignorant fucks think that cops do nothing all day.

  skater847  |  0

I agree. there are some bad cops out there but there are also good cops. they are the people who risk their lives for their community and help to make the world a better place. as for arresting teens it is good that the cops are making sure that they learn their lesson so they don't make mistakes later in life. for anyone who doesn't think that some cops are good watch police women of maricopa county they help so many people.

  R34luver  |  5

so fucking true....cops enforce the goddamn rules so some certen dumbfucks screw up the ciciety..cops have a very important role in the world and w/o them there wudent be a world cuz a hella lotta ppl wud be out of control and death rates wud skyrocket

By  Drode  |  0

See this is why we dont try out the first idea that pops into our head. Seriously at what point did impersonating a police officer EVER sound like a good idea?
Where did you get the flashing lights to pull people over anyway?
And I hope you hadn't planned to get out of the car after pulling them over, cause then they'd just call the cops and report you for it once they realised you werent actually a cop.
YDI, definately. Enjoy your new criminal record.