By Sam - 20/08/2010 05:34 - United States

Today, after twisting my knee playing soccer with my friends, I had to take myself to the hospital. Apparently finishing the game was more important to them. FML
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You know if you weren't the one injured, you'd keep playing too. :P


was it at least an important game? not that it would make it much better

it could have been worse! you could have rushed to the ER expecting to get a strap for your knee, but come out with a lime green cast from your ankle to your thigh...

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Well real friends are there when you kneed them. Ha more corny puns

of course soccer is more important...they have the most notorious fans ever. were you really suprised?

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what's with all the soccer stories?

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Suck it up and GET OVER IT. Try dislocating your knee and still having to drag an Air Force pilot out of a plane that is on fire.

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a lot of people are geting ingurered from soccer

that sucks. look at the bright side, your team didn't lose the game; they played and won.

Walk it off, you pussy. If it isn't broken or spurting blood, get back in the freaking game! Goddamn whiners piss me off.

Why do some people feel it necessary to comment on every single FML? Are their "witty" comments that good or do they just spend way too much time here?

what's with you and your "it could have been worse stories"?loll

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marinus that was a different fml

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26 win ^_^. theflirtt : i think he knows ;)

Apparently your friends thought you were fine... which you probably were. If you're well enough to stand up and take yourself to the hospital, your knee is fine

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throw some dirt on it and walk it off. come on smalls, you still have it as twisted and not sprained or torn or broken. op is an L7 wienie.

1.You should have told them to STFU and take you to the ER 2.You need new friends 3.Get over it because it wasn't so bad since you GOT to post on FML.

16 - I know that's a joke but football (actually futball) does make better sense than soccer >.<

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it's not a big deal the term soccer was interchangeable with football in the old days(1880s-mid 1900s). it was called soccer football here and associated football in england to differentiate from am. football and the english rugby.

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uh yeah have you not played soccer if fun. you twisted your knee big ******* deal grow some balls pussy

when you're knee is screwed up, continuing to play doesn't make you tough, it makes you stupid. you can't play to the best of your ability which pretty much ***** your team over. and chances are, you'll just screw it up more. that's what happened to me when I ran track.

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#87- I guess you have a man-gina as well then.

You know if you weren't the one injured, you'd keep playing too. :P

I think it was just a kick about, not a proper organised match

same shit happened to me except it was karaté practice.

you could have waited on the sideline until the game finished? you only twisted your knee.