By dude i am so sorry - 19/09/2016 19:54 - United States - Richmond

Today, I found out what happens when you sleep with a girl your chemistry major friend likes. He put silver nitrate in my body wash and shampoo. I look like I survived an explosion in a Sharpie factory. He says it'll come off "in a few days". FML
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Ugh. That's just being an irresponsible chemist, and an abuse of knowledge. Small amounts of silver nitrate are an annoyance, but every chemical has its dangers.

askullnamedbilly 33

Well, OP, I'd say the prank wars have just begun. Get him back, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


20bricks 28

I guess he wanted to help build up some chemistry between you two.

askullnamedbilly 33

Well, OP, I'd say the prank wars have just begun. Get him back, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Against a chem major the odds are never in your favour. Be careful before starting this, he has already procen access to chemicals outside of lab.

johan_the_pirate 8

Or just a good ass beating.

Just bring the girl back to your place and **** her loud enough for him to hear.

Add some hydrogen monoxide to his shower water, that'll show him!

I'm gonna say you meant dihydrogen monoxide, DHMO, yes... adding water to his shower is a brilliant idea...

Ugh. That's just being an irresponsible chemist, and an abuse of knowledge. Small amounts of silver nitrate are an annoyance, but every chemical has its dangers.

I couldn't agree more. He had no idea if op would have some sort of allergic or bad reaction to it. It could've burnt or hurt his skin or something. And either way, the guys all marked up now and that could make him have problems with work, or if he had a funeral or special event to go to. That "friend" sounds like a huge jerk who lashes out when he doesn't get his way. I'd be seriously worried about what he'd do next time he doesn't like what op does.

I like your use of quotes around "friend," 17. If someone I thought of as a friend did this to me, I'd probably never speak to them again.

well you sound fun

"Fun: n. the act of burning and dying another's skin with caustic chemicals" –No dictionary ever

If your comment was referring to me, 51, you can grow up. To me, doing something that could hurt another person is not "fun." And don't pretend you wouldn't be pissed if someone did it to you.

Press charges

Because that's the solution for everything, right?

get him expelled!

Don't know why the down votes - roomie is a psycho. Wasn't even dating the girl. He needs to understand boundaries before he ends up hurting someone. Maybe facing charges would wake him up.

Yeah but if you know your friend likes someone, you don't just go sleeping with them. That breaks the friend code.

Maybe he liked her, too? Maybe the girl doesn't like the psycho chemist?

The chemistry major committed assault when he tampered with his friend's shower gel and shampoo. He could have seriously harmed his friend. The girl in question isn't dating anyone; she's free to sleep with whomever she likes. Maybe she doesn't like chem major, and if so, it would be for a very good reason.

I'm not defending the dude's action. He's wrong for messing with chemicals that could potentially cause severe harm. She is free to do whoever she likes. However, if you're a friend of someone you don't just go sleeping with your friend's crush. That ruins friendships.

If your friendship is going to be ruined over that then you're better off not being friends. You don't get dibs over someone. If you like someone, then confess before someone else does. If you lose your chance then oh well.

I'm just gonna say, I have liked the same girl as one of my friends twice now, the first time, I delivered the girl a letter from him for Valentine's Day, and I wasn't to subtle in telling her what he was trying to get at... the second time, he didn't dick around with any of that bullshit, but he did threaten to fight me over her, I told him to chill because I liked her, but had no interest in any sort of relationship anyway. the first time I didn't tell him how I felt until years later, the second time I was lying. No girl is worth a friendship, but sometimes it comes to that.

That guy shouldn't be around chemicals, and I also question his emotional stability.

Whether or not it will come off depends on the concentration he used. In high concentrations it can cause Argyria, which permanently stains the skin a blue colour. Given you slept with the girl he likes, you may want to get used to picking smurfberries for the rest of your life...

I didn't realize that if you like someone, anyone that acts interested in said someone is fair game to do whatever we want to them.

The OP didn't just like the girl. He knew his friend liked the girl but slept with her regardless. Which in my opinion is wrong, at least tell your friend before you sleep with someone their into.

neuronerd 28

Did he obtain it from a school lab? If so, that's grounds for expulsion. I'm not saying that as a means of you getting revenge, but as a scientist myself, I'm concerned about anyone who would steal chemicals from the lab.

Is his name Dexter by any chance? He certainly acts childish enough.

He may have got you with a prank, but in the end you got the girl.

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Idk op, you probably should've thought about his feelings before you slept with the girl he likes. TBH I would do the same thing. Sorry :/

That's ridiculous. He has no claim to the other girl, she's free to go out with whoever she wants and so is op. Especially if the friend hasn't approached the girl and asked her out himself. I'm sick of people (friends especially) thinking they can just claim someone because they have feelings for them and that all other friends should back off. Why does op's feelings for the girl not get to be taken into consideration? Maybe he's liked her longer or likes her more? Plus, he actually went out on a limb and told her about his feelings. Either way, the "friend" reacted horribly. You don't mess with chemicals on someone. Op could've had an allergic reaction, or it could've hurt/burned his skin; and even if it didn't, he's all marked up now and could be temporarily suspended from work, or he may have a funeral or some important function to go to. That isn't just a harmless prank, and I'd be furious with my "friend."

If you would do the same thing just for someone sleeping with someone you like... please get help.

you're a ******* idiot, please do the world and don't reproduce and just kill off your genes there

You would pour potentially toxic chemicals into someone's personal care products for that? Thanks for the warning. Now everyone here knows there are psychos out there who have no self-control.

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I guess they all told you.