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Today, I took a girl to a sushi restaurant for our first date. She insisted she's had sushi before, but I had to watch her struggle with the chopsticks for a few minutes before mercifully asking the waitress for a fork. She then ate a fork full of wasabi, thinking it was guacamole. I think there won't be a second date. FML
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Maybe she was too shy to say that she hadn't? Some girls don't want to disappoint guys sometimes, so maybe she said yes because she knew you liked sushi?

At least she didn't mistake the wasabi for pistachio ice cream :P


At least she didn't mistake the wasabi for pistachio ice cream :P

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35/45: I believe it's a "Cars" reference. Pixar movie.

#35 #45 yes as the others said its from the movie cars 2

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Don't eat the pistachio ice-cream! It's turned.

Maybe she was too shy to say that she hadn't? Some girls don't want to disappoint guys sometimes, so maybe she said yes because she knew you liked sushi?

I'd rather a girl be honest and say she's open to trying it than having her lie and make a fool for herself

"What, you haven't had sushi before?! I'm incredibly disappointed; this date is over!" –Nobody ever

I have anxiety too but when I went on dates I was always honest about myself. If we don't have things in common I'm not gonna pretend we do just to get a boyfriend. I'm able to relax and tell myself if we don't have anything in common then that's ok. Lying on a first date is just dumb, they're going to find out eventually and it's better to just be honest up front so there isn't heartbreak later. When you lie on a date you're just hurting yourself in the long run.

It is quite possible she has had sushi but maybe not in a restaurant but from a shop. She might just not have had wasabi before and lots of people who eat sushi can't use chop sticks. Unless you think she lied and that is a deal breaker for you, I personally don't think I would stop seeing someone because of a few mishaps such as this. Good luck with your next date though, plenty of fish in the sea :P

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Maybe she ate sushi without chopsticks or wasabi,there is no reason to assume she lied.

I have eaten sushi at restaurants a few times before, but I'm still pretty damn terrible at eating with chop sticks. But thinking guacamole goes with sushi is kind of silly imo, but still not a reason to assume she hasn't ever had sushi before.

#29 I just looked again. My original comment was a thumbs up emoji. It got changed for some reason

She probably had sushi before grocery stores sale it not all sushi has Wasabi when bough in stores like that. I love sushi and I eat it with my fingers because I suck at using chopsticks. Hell for the longest time I didn't know what the ginger was for lol.

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Agreed #2. I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows what it really was? "Have you had sushi?" versus "Would you like sushi?" can easily be misunderstood, especially if you are nervous and excited for a date. And if you haven't been to a sushi restaurant, you don't see the importance of correcting that misunderstanding, obviously until you get there and have no clue what you are doing. She was probably mortified from one blunder to the next. What a day! If you like her otherwise, give her a chance. Ask to go to HER favourite restaurant. Date number two is a lot less pressure, and it will be nice to see her in a more comfortable element. Dating can be nerve racking, especially for people who don't do it often, but you don't want to miss out on an awesome relationship if there is potent for a good thing here... Who knows? This could be the beginning of an awesome 50th anniversary speech! Good luck OP! ;)

#66 what is the ginger for? I just sort of eat it - by itself - is that not how you are supposed to do it?

Isn't the pickled ginger a palette cleaner?

You can better be honest to prevent embarrassing situation like this. It would be better if she said, I never had sushi but would like to try it

LIke #95 said it's a palatte cleaner. You eat it when you are eating different rolls of sushi to get rid of the previous flavor so you can enjoy the new roll.

#118 I'd rather mix the tastes than have the pickled ginger. To me it's too strong/gross a taste to be a palette cleanser.

123- Same, really not a fan of the ginger. Just have a drink of water in between if you need to cleanse you palette.

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Yeah, I was gonna say, if your hands are clean (I always wash mine as soon as I get into the sushi restaurant and have put my coat down) then just use your fingers. Using chop sticks for it to me is sort of odd, same as using spoons to drink the miso. It's finger food; it's like using a knife and fork for your sandwiches. Fingers are easier and more fun. :) (Having said that, some of the food actually does require utensils like chop sticks. But not the actual rolls).

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*does* Also is he supposed to only date people who are licensed sushi eaters?

By not having sushi before and trying to impress your date. I've never had sushi before and I can't hold chopsticks to save my life.

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54- chopsticks are super easy to hold. Step 1. open hand Step 2. place chopsticks in open hand Step 3. close hand tightly around chopsticks

#54, I'm going to give you the non-douchebag answer: Hold them like pencils in your dominant hand, and move only the top chopstick up and down to grab it. Just practice at it like that, and you should be able to do it a little easier!

#92 thank you I've had a teacher, my sister, and friends show me and I even read directions on how to do it and still failed but thank you for the tips. I shall continue to try haha

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awh I think that's kind of cute

Scott did the exact same thing on a episode of "Teen Wolf" lol

I don't think that's reason to not date her again.

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It's probably because she lied to him and that's not how he wants to start a relationship.

I took it as her not wanting a second date, not him.

exactly, I would made it a humorous memory.

24 a little fibbing could mean they were either nervous or they're a liar. It's better just to be honest on date so you don't get hurt later because of some little fibs you told at the beginning of a relationship. If you have to lie about the kind of person you are on a date then you're dating the wrong person.

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"Im sorry, this will not work out. said you had sushi before and you didnt. How could you?" Come on man. It was a little white lie that she told. Maybe he told her he wanted sushi so she did it for him.

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She was probably too embarrassed to tell you she hasn't had sushi before. Take it as a compliment - she probably really likes you.

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And this is why honesty is always the best policy, ladies and gentlemen. Trust me: If you just admit you've never had/done something before but also show a willingness to try it, you are so much more attractive than when you try to impress someone by lying and then ultimately making a fool out of yourself.

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She probably had it and didn't use chopsticks or wasabi not sure why everyone thinks she lied.