By vikingunicorn - 03/02/2011 12:52 - Canada

Today, I parked three streets away despite the ungodly cold. I did this because in the past, on my street, I have had my car keyed, my tires slashed, and my side view mirror ripped off. When I went back out to my car, I found that someone had broken off my windshield wipers. FML
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maybe you should move out of the shithole town you live it


F your life. Weird, because I thought Nova Scotia was better than that. xP

must be Halifax. pretty rough in some places.

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I bet it is Halifax. It's just not a good side to live on.

It's actually Montreal, Quebec. My IP must be based in Nova Scotia.

Oh my God... it's the OP, no one make any sudden movements, the appearence of the OP is a very rare phenomenon.

funny that you have 0 out of 18 posts though

Funny indeed. I don't understand why since I have another post about my ex on here, too. The guy who decided to play his Gameboy instead of help me with my panic attack. :)

OP, your name is full of awesome btw.

If you live in a neighborhood where that sort of things happen, parking three streets away probably isn't going to make much of a difference.

ydi for being Canadian! USA! USA! USA!

According to my research, Littleton (where RyNo24 is from) had 1481 property crimes and 30 violent crimes in 2006). That seems like a lot for a town of only 40,000 people. Listen up dipshit, crimes like this happen all over the world, including your precious USA. You can have pride for your own country, but not at the expense of others. **** off.

the USA sucks I would rather live in developing countrys then live that shithole

do you think I care all you hear about Americans rant how good their country might to them but I am tired of them gloating about a country where a person weighs more then the car they drive

*Sigh* Not everyone in America is a gloating, obese ******** that hops in their Hummer/SUV to travel 3 blocks. Also, not everyone is as annoying as #14 up there.

we have our annoying ones to ...we put ours in Quebec

You guys do realize that he's kidding, right?

62, LOL. And USA, like it or not, is a mess. Canada ftw.

Its true that USA is a mess compared to Canada but the stupid ones are in Ontario not Quebec! Trust me I know what im sayin'

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I HATE the US I'm 15 and I really hate the politics in America. this country is ****** up. I would love love to live some where else like in Europe Mabe Canada

meh Barack is a good leader just in a bad time go to Sweden ! best quality of life

Frank, go **** yourself, you know it's people like you who give the Quebecois such a bad reputation. I mean holy shit, you don't see me going around saying everyone in Quebec sucks because ignorant asses like you who want to split off from the rest of Canada because you feel your culture is being "threatened", are you serious? You have the second largest amount of seats in the House of Commons, French is a official language of Canada and you deal with your own Foreign Affairs to other countries such as Belgium and France. Seriously man I love how the French culture is deeply rooted in Canadian history and is the reason I strive to be bilingual but people like you make it harder being so full of yourself with nationalistic pride (Same for all the other Canadians hating on Quebec STFU). That goes for all the other people who are saying Canada is better than the US and vice versa, each have their own pros and cons so you really can't compare the two. Also I have no idea why it's a competition Canada and US are partners, we share the world's longest border and have the largest trade between two countries in the world. I apologize in advance to the people who say TLDR I tried to summarize it to the best of my ability.

TL;DR All countries suck, some more than others (yeah, I'm talking about you, Luxembourg).

83 Ontario sucks Ontario sucks albertas the best yeehaa why don't you live in a town that has a new name not copy it . yes im blaming you because you live in a below average town... facts!

My city is named after London, England. Mainly because the British had a lot to do with the formation of it and the fact that the river flowing through it is similar to the Thames River in England so that's why my city and our river are named London and the Thames River. It's a city not a town and it's not below "average" so go **** yourself.

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not all America is bad and obese.. you people should possibly lessen up on the generalizations.. I'm not overweight and neither are many people I talk to, in fact I bet we all know an obese person, so rather than cry and complain about america's obesity problem, realize not everyone is obese and obese people are everywhere, not just America.. smh..

I know you can't come to terms that albertas the best also does it make you feel big to swear ? it hurt my feelings ...apologize ( you also look like an incredible jackass trying to say every country is equal and trying to be the nice guy ) :)

your health care system ... corrupt and that's your fault

Where in the **** did I say "every country is equal". I was saying the US and Canada can't be compared seeing as how we have very similar cultural roots and are both first world countries. Does it make me feel big to swear? No I just can't stand how we have morons like you are in our country. Man, you are such an arrogant prick. Now **** off and go find something creative to do such as make a macaroni picture you immature punk because I won't be spamming the comments continuing this argument with you.

okay well technically your more immature you have been swearing I've been trying to be your friend when people see this they will think that your a rude person

okay well if it helps your mom loved this Albertan boy ;) she also loved the macaroni picture I made her....I used kd they are smaller so you add more detail

No they won't, are you serious? I give up, you say I'm immature when I swear they're words, descriptive ones and they're not even my main argument that's pretty much saying KaySL is immature, it also doesn't help your argument that you say "your mom" jokes. It also doesn't help that you use "your" instead of "you're" which is pretty much grade three English. So really you saying Alberta is better and all these previous points makes you look like you're in grade school hence the "macaroni picture" joke. Also you're spamming the comments with your "I can't get all my ideas together in one comment, durp" so I'm not going to bother commenting again, I win, you lose, good day sir.