By pinkleopleurodon - 09/12/2011 12:23 - United States

Today, after my roommate decided to become a vegetarian, her new food choices are making her pass deadly, nauseating gas all night. We have a busted window that won't open. I'm afraid I may not live to see tomorrow morning. FML
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Break the window, cuz that's nasty as hell.

Grab somebody sexy tell 'em ayyyyy let's do it tonight cause we might not get tomorrow

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Tie her to the ceiling, whereas her buttho is against the vent. Or you cam THROW HER ON THE GROOOUUNNDD :)

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A gas mask would be extremely comfortable sleepwear.

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Get a hammer and while you are breaking it play hammer time!

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Get her back and eat fastfood for a week straight. It's on!

Unfortunately, not even fast food or taco will ever be bad enough to combat what she is doing to herself.

Isn't it funny how not eating meat makes you pass noxious fumes.... Yet digesting seared animal flesh is fine? Long live carnivores!

^^ If i could, i would thumb you up fifty times.....

The gas and bloating only lasts about a month or so. It's because your body is changing to a new kind of diet and the enzymes aren't yet used to digesting the new kind of food. The same thing happens when vegetarians start eating meat.

This is where you decide to eat chili every day

You mean "when" right? Where implies a location while when implies a time or date.

Yeah, and then OP will post another FML about a shitty situation

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Busted window? Not a problem! *hands over hammer*

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exactly it will already cost money to fix it, might as well smash it

Battlefarts 3 Unfarted 3 Creativity... :)

Haha ok ok so my crap ops one wasn't much of a winner, but I'm liking this thread I must say

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MW3 multiplayer sucks. Irrelevant, I know.

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assassin's creed: constipations. just thought i'd add on.

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Mario Shart is in the lead, cake in hand.

Mario Shart makes me laugh every time I read it.

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War of the Vampire Zombie fart brigade.

Duke Nukem : Forever- you dont even need to change the name.

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The Elder Scrolls V: (toilet) Bowlrim.

I take it she doesn't know much about vegetarian food then and is eating stuff that's bad for her or just generally gives gas anyway (like brussel sprouts). Give her a vegetarian cook book :D.

The extra fiber should account for the gas but not the smell. If she replaced tofu for everything in a meat heavy diet she will have gas and bad gas at that since her body isn't equipped to just jump right into digesting so much at a time.

She shouldn't combine acids and carbohydrates, that can lead to massive digestive problems. For example, no orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice or vinegar at any meal that also includes high starches and sugars. Although rice is the only starch that doesn't cause gas. Perhaps she should have done a little more research.

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Sleep in the bathroom? Eat beans for revenge.

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Butt plug is a bad idea as she would probably fart it out with force after enough pressure builds. *ducks for cover*

As an avid psychic, I forsee the comments to be deactivated over the course of stupidity of vegetarianism, and trolls bashing vegetarians.

Interesting I see a rampant display of fart jokes. Hatred is often displaced for crude humor.

Indeed, vegetarians ruin everything :( I think it's the lack of delicious bacon in their lives.

I am also an avid psychic, and I predict many thumbs down in your near future.

How are vegetarians stupid? Her body is adjusting to her new diet and will stop producing so much gas soon.

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Don't worry, a flying trampoline should be bouncing by to open the window for you.