By kiken.bara - United States
Today, I found out that I was pregnant and sent a picture of the positive test to my boyfriend. Before I got a text back from him, I got his newly updated Facebook status that read "This has got to be the most depressing day of my life." FML
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I was conceived with a condom, just sayin. Maybe OP and her boyfriend used one as well.

OP, why did you tell your boyfriend through a picture of the test?! Isn't that something that's better told in person?

  happle  |  21

23- I was conceived the same way.
30- My mom told me because she thought I would see myself as a stronger person because "ain't no condom hold me back."

  marxistbkly  |  3

A responsible parent would tell his or her child that he or she was conceived despite using a condom so the child would not hold the false believe that condoms are 100# effective.

  stargirl_95  |  24

68 - I hope you're being sarcastic. Using two condoms creates friction between them that makes them more likely to break or fall off. Stick to one condom and use it with another form of birth control such as the pill.


#30 - It's not like I ASKED, lol. My mom will do anything she can to embarrass me. It makes her laugh when I squirm with disgust.

Edit: Just read through the other comments and it does make sense for her to tell me, even though it's gross, because it's important for teens to know condone don't always work.

  ChoolyBooly  |  32

My husband and I wanted to wait to have kids. I was taking birth control...I still got pregnant. I am so glad to have my daughter but I wanted to join the others who are saying that contraception of any kind is never 100%.

  2RaRa25  |  6

I think if she had time to take a pregnancy test, take the picture of it, and then send it, there was probably also time to do a phone call. Yeah, it would've been better in person or least on the phone, but if OP was trying to do something surprising and sweet, I don't blame her.


While I guess it would be a cute idea. OP was probably so excited (if they were trying) that she couldn't wait to tell him in person and so sent him a text. Personally I'd rather phone them than text..

  alycion  |  38

Excitement or not I can see no reason to do that kind of news via text. It needs to be done in person if possible or phone if not. If someone broke news to me like that through a text message, I'd be depressed at the thought of the habits like that that they would pass onto the child.

By  Dracoboxer357  |  35

Op, I'm sorry your boyfriend doesn't share your enthusiasm of having a wonderful addition to your life's.
But congratulations on the baby! Hoping you have a complication free pregnancy! :D

  WhisperSoflty  |  20

Disclaimer: this is posted under the assumption that the OP and her bf are high school or college aged.

Maybe I'm just painfully old-fashioned, but I don't think that having a baby out of wedlock is a good thing. I still hope she has a complication-free pregnancy and that her baby is healthy and happy and all that, but I think saying, "congratulations" is sending the wrong message. Life is a gift, but unwed parenthood isn't.