By Meghan - 22/02/2013 01:33 - United States - Valparaiso

Today, after half a year of flirting back and forth, I went to a fancy party thrown by the guy I really like. He met me at the door and introduced me to everyone as, "the lovely Meghan". I thought I finally had a chance, until he introduced me to his girlfriend of five years. FML
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whiteboy896 9

maybe you just read the "flirting" signs wrong?

He probably just thinks you're a good friend of his. You obviously took his over kindness for flirting. Or he's a jerk.


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We don't know if it is a serious relationship. However, the guy does come across as if he has a crush on OP. Why has he been flirting with OP for 6 months and has never mentioned his girlfriend? The only reason I can think of is because he likes OP as well.

CharresBarkrey 15

I don't know. I've known a LOT of girls who think every guy (or at least, every guy they like) is into them. Some girls equate being nice with flirting. It's a common occurrence.

thatsucks4you 7

#11 is right, I was thinking this girl misread everything and didn't think anything about it.

Iknoweverything 29

Sometimes, some people consider friendly banter as flirting, while the other person doesn't see it that way. Or maybe they have a flirtatious personality, where they engage in harmless flirting without realizing it. Given that he's been with his girlfriend for 5 years, and was willing to introduce OP to her, I'd say that any perceived flirting was unintentional, but rather, he saw OP as a potential good friend.

@11 People misinterpret my playful silly personality as flirtation. It gets really annoying at times. I think I should put a disclaimer on my shirt or something.

#4 What?! Haha... How did you decide that he came across as having a crush on OP?

whiteboy896 9

maybe you just read the "flirting" signs wrong?

Maybe OP needs to watch the movie He's Just Not That Into You.

perdix 29

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Thank you, Perdix, for getting the song " Single Ladies" stuck in my head right before I am going to bed.

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21- times are a changing, no need to be conventional anymore. Also, nobody questions perdix or beyonce.

oj101 33

Are you sure you didn't see signs of him having a girlfriend? I think that someone either led you on, or you were a little too optimistic.

i want to say something but im mesmerized by ur profile pic...

He probably just thinks you're a good friend of his. You obviously took his over kindness for flirting. Or he's a jerk.

Good friend? No, acquaintance. Good friends know when you've had a girlfriend for five years.

tpm45 25

Girls have done this to me before. Needless to say I wasn't flirting....

"flirting back and forth." well, if he was flirting with you, especially for half a year, i would say you do have a chance! i've read enough FMLs to know that "committed" relationships don't mean jack shit to a lot of people

I'm not sure you'd want to have a chance if he's happy to flirt with other people for months on end while in a committed relationship.

leelafry 16

At least you found out. I wonder how his gf feels aboit his little habit. OP you are actually lucky and can now move on to someone more deserving of you.

TheElBurrrito 21

At least you're "the lovely Meghan"

I must admit I flirt with a lot of people. it's about making everybody feel good. I do usually slip in that I'm taken though haha just to be safe

Just be careful you don't break any hearts haha. My ex used to flirt like that too and he saw it as harmless, but a lot of the girls he talked to ended up liking him because of it even though they knew he was taken, and he also ended up cheating on me eventually. I'm not saying that you would cheat, just be careful with those things and really make sure that it is harmless.

And now you are Meg-hen. *WAH-WAH*