By CrazedGunMan - 2/9/2020 19:01 - Panama - Panama

Go anyway, see the sights

Today, I could finally get a plane ticket to go see the girl I have been talking to for the past 5 months. Just as I told her the exciting news, she told me that she was no longer interested in me. Guess that's 800 dollars down the toilet. FML
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By  Jaymail  |  17

Some people aren’t anything like they portray themselves to be online. It may have been fun talking to you. But now that the time has come for you to find out how close she is to who you thought she was she’s no longer interested. Makes sense.

By  Chazzster  |  20

I simply do not believe that it’s possible to form successful long distance relationships. Attempts to do so will almost always end like this - Either it ends when you decide to finally see them in person or soon after. The only exception is if it’s someone you already have a relationship with and the separation is temporary.

The problem is that long distance, people can create a fantasy of who they really are or what they are like. But being with them in person destroys that fantasy. Generally the only people who fall for these long distance relationships are those with their own issues they are masking. It’s time you took a close look in a mirror, readjusted your standards based on what you see and who you are and them tried meeting someone who’s really available and local.

OP - Your user name implies something disturbing and violent. If it’s a joke it’s not going to be well received if you continue to use it elsewhere. If accurately describes you, you need to reconsider your life choices.

  Sady_Ct  |  37

I met my partner on line in February 2019, I met him in person 6 weeks later, and we have never looked back. It is possible if you both have integrity and don’t pretend to be something that you are not.

I moved to his town and in with him in November last year, and my mum hated the fact I was moving half a days drive away to a rural and remote area. She also hated my partner.

She now misses both of us like crazy, as she now loves him because of how well he treats me etc.

He is the love of my life, and I have never been happier.