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Today, I finally found the words to describe how I felt after 2 years of depression. I asked on Yahoo Answers what I should do next. The most 'helpful' answer told me to go on a picnic. FML
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Why would you ask random online strangers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but therapy seems much more logical...

picnics are very calming and relaxing :) stop whining op!


Why would you ask random online strangers? Correct me if I'm wrong, but therapy seems much more logical...

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Id rather talk to random people who probably want to help instead of paying $115 an hour to share my feelings to a therapist actually.

my thoughts exactly. therapy helps to an extent, but then someone asks what he said, and you're like "shit, I just wasted $100!" I've been dealing with depression lately, and I've actually stopped going to therapy.

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I have a y!a account and the people on there are pretty helpful most of the time.

If therapy isn't helping you, you're not going to the right therapist for you. I've been to a few "dead end" ones, but I've also seen excellent, life changing therapists. It's not about the money, it's about your mental health. OP, if you're seeing a therapist regularly, ask for steps to move forward. Contrary to what people think, it's not necessarily what you feel, but why. They'll work with you, help alter your behavior, habits, and overcome your problems. The people on Yahoo! Answers are usually a bunch of young adults with very little to no experience. Where doing "happy things" may momentarily take your mind off it, your depression won't go away.

I also have a Y!A account and most people on there are unfortunately complete morons.

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try asking your question in polls and surveys next time (;

Why would you show that much boobage to random online strangers?

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Why do you even care what a random stranger has as her profile picture?

picnics are very calming and relaxing :) stop whining op!

there are so manyy things wrong with this statement.

Maybe she is moaning because she doesn't have a picnick basket!

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I agree, a picnic is pretty cheerful. Especially if you see a rainbow!

picnics usually stress me out, or freak me out more. and if you're depressed for the same reason I am (loneliness), a picnic is the last thing you need, especially if you're by yourself.

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Just do like I do and pick random people to picnic with. You'd be amazed how accommodating and friendly people are towards lone psychopaths when we have food.

#10 is totally right! What did you expect when you asking that question? You thought you would get outstanding life-changing answer? It is the same thing to ask "what should i do when i have headache?" Go and take aspirin. It is the best advice they would give you! Now, go to PICNIC

You post personal matters leaving yourself vulnerable to anonymous and get frustrated by a lack of help? Leave the internet. In one piece while you still can.

Its true.. go outside and hangout with some friends.. go see a movue or something to cheer you up.

Ah, a person giving advice on the Internet about not taking advice from people on the Internet....I love it!

I've found that friends, however close, are always the best people to go to for these kinds of problems. A therapist or random person on the internet doesn't know you on a personal level. I hope you have friends you can trust, OP. If not, I suggest joining a club or something to make new friends, since most people love having friends to hang out with and talk to, thus helping with your depression. :-)

Joining the friends clubs would cause more stressing out! What a brilliant idea!

while it's true therapists don't know you on an intimate level, they are extensively trained, have gone through years of schooling, and can provide help and insight. i've struggled with borderline, depression, and mild psychosis for years, and just started seeing a new therapist. within three sessions, he got to the root of my insecurity and depression and now we're working as a team to fix my issues. no friend, however close, has done a fraction of what he's done already. i can see and understand the difference between a friend and a therapist, and i'm well on my way to being much healthier because of it.

Good for you. Their therapy has to work sometimes. Otherwise, what is the point to open up a dozen bureau in each center city.