By Anon - 11/09/2016 07:27 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I really haven't been feeling well. Even thought I felt like complete shit, my friends dragged me out to a club. When I got there, I ran into the bathroom and started simultaneously shitting and puking. If I stopped one, the other got worse. I was stuck there for an hour and a half. FML
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r83839 22

You need to learn to stand your ground instead of giving into peer pressure.

Your friends owe you a drink...of Pepto-Bismol and Imodium.


r83839 22

You need to learn to stand your ground instead of giving into peer pressure.

Your friends owe you a drink...of Pepto-Bismol and Imodium.

Just wondering - are people aware that immodium just blocks your bowel? Good for when you absolutely cannot reschedule something, but terrible in the long and short run. Your body is trying to get rid of toxic stuff and you're just keeping it in.

That's terrible, I've always been scared to have that happen in a public restroom (for many reasons). Especially a night club bathroom...ick. I'm sure choosing which to use the toilet for, was a difficult choice. Like the earlier commenter said about withstanding peer pressure, this situation may be a really good motivator for you to trust your own judgement in the future. It's hard when you feel like you are letting others down, but real friends would have been more concerned about how you were feeling, rather than pestering you to got to a club for their own entertainment. Silver lining: the club is mostly filled with strangers, so no one really knows who you are, which might lessen the embarrassment.

Your friends are idiots for dragging you but if I felt that bad I would have flat out refused no matter what.

And he was an idiot for going out.

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None of your friends felt awful enough for dragging you there, where you were clearly ill, to drive you home?

nonsensical 26

Maybe they did but they had to wait til OP took a break from exploding out of both ends...

species4872 19

Self inflicted I'm afraid, next time listen to your body

A crowded place with loud music, drugs, and drinking, your friends thought this would be a good place to drag a sick person? Cause alcohol and dancing always help with illnesses. You do need to stand up for yourself more, if you're sick, you're sick, tell anyone who pressures you to just go away, but your friends are not only idiots, but dicks. They should have cared enough to make sure you were ok, not drag you out to the last place a sick person should be.

tounces7 27

Perhaps friends are college freshmen....they're usually not known for being the most sensible.

TheEpicKitten 20

Hey, at least it's not your bathroom

drayloon 50

I don't think "letting it all out at the club" is a phrase meant to be taken that literally...

Your friend is an asshole

Why? OP is the one who went out. If they didn't want to go out they shouldn't have gone out.