By labcho - Canada - Ottawa
Today, I was heading to Prague with a few friends for a vacation. On the plane ride, I started flirting with this cute flight attendant and we hit it off. I ran into my friend who is a flight attendant for the same company to tell him. He looked at me and said, "Don't freak out, but she has a dick." FML
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By  nubs  |  22

So will you see her again? 👀

By  nubs  |  22

So will you see her again? 👀

  Kameron Kriese  |  11

How ignorant of a you to say that. What if he is a heterosexual. He won't want the D wether he is with a man or woman. He is just upset because a possible relationship or hookup won't work out.

Oh, but what am I saying. We don't have preset preferences in partners, we just choose what we like and go with that. Just like how people can choose to be gay, if they want, right?
That was sarcasm, btw.

  KittyMack  |  13

Of course a hetero guy can love a woman with a dick. She's still a woman. I don't know how politically correct this is, but I'd just see it as a birth defect, and as such, no more a dealbreaker for decent people than being little or having an extra toe.
If you need help understanding that people aren't defined by their genitals, google Buck Angel. He's all man for sure, though he has a vulva & vag.


Boi you can’t expect someone to go against their own sexuality just for personality you wouldn’t expect a gay guy to go after a straight female just because they hit it off would you? Yah there’s more to someone then what’s down there BUT we don’t choose our sexuality

By  weazle  |  13

That’s when you tel them while they make quite an attractive woman you no logger wish to bone them since they are in fact a male. But as you guys hit it off you wouldn’t mind being friends