By starley - 13/08/2010 09:11 - United States

Today, my husband of 3 years, who I have a 1 year old daughter with, told me he wants a divorce, but who knows, maybe in the future we can "date." FML
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well. at least it's not permanent? I say dump the jerk for good.

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what's up with all this baby mama drama

he's just an idiot, and that's a lame ass excuse of trying to say 'we can stay friends.'

Haha! What the hell!? That makes no sense!

that is awesome bj him when u miss him only girls can f whoever they want its called pop, power of poontay

woah 16, is that you in your prpfile picturr?

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Lol 16 if you phrased that better it would of been hilarious.

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#26 ye it's me 7 months ago :) #29 too bad English isn't my first language then. :( how could it have been funny?

Yeah it could be worse he could never come back

he just gojnna keep doing u as friends anyways

34, at least your grammar isn't as bad as 19.

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51 I can't get over how ugly you are. And how every comment you post is just useless. Like this one.

#56, Though #51's posts do seem to be lacking in punctuation, capitalization, etc., I see no reason to bash his physical appearance. That's pretty unnecessary...


#34-u said 7 months ago like as in ur outta shape now or wut?

#69 either I'm even bigger now, or I'm indeed outa shape now. too bad it's the latter. FML. i hate the winter :P

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Haha OP's husband still wants her ju-ju beads!

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i love how people talk mad shit to eachother

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ha ya...this guy sounds so topsy turvy, he'll be back in a couple days

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don't forget to take a lot of his money in child support, and then date one of his friends. =)

Let me guess - there's a new WoW expansion coming out?!

Wow, Im sorry you missed your period, but stop being a bitch!

As humorous as this *does* initially sound, it's a pretty sad situation. He's an ass, but before divorce, try marriage counseling to see where things went wrong and perhaps try to save your marriage. He might be able to get an attitude adjustment. If he's even conceiving "dating" or getting back together in any way, you probably shouldn't be separating in the first place. Give your marriage a fighting chance. If you split, leave his dumb ass in the dust forever.

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aha atleast he has to pay child support

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you can do better... YDI for having a husband YDI for being married for three years and having a baby YDI for not satisfying him sexually to wanna leave

Hey, I'm allowed to be merciful to an OP every once in a while! This was a REAL FML, as opposed to the usual whining.

Troll? Merciful? The world is going to end. It is an FML though. Really freaking sucks.

haha:D at least he'll still be around

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That does suck, but I'm sure you'll be fine without him :-p

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Not everyone has a shitty marrige. How about saying 'Make sure you marry the right person'?

It's pretty hard to say who is the right person, though. A lot of people who get married think they're getting married to the right person, but several years later something like this happens.

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I totally agree with you. However, people do not marry who they do not date, yet they still settle and date A- holes. I'm not saying people don't change but it's rare that their whole personality changes too.

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Am I the only one who finds it redundant when the person with the word "flirty" in their name is also the same person who said "don't get married"?