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Today, a woman strapped her 8-year-old son into the seat next to me on a transatlantic flight. Thinking they'd been unable to book seats together, I offered to swap seats with her. She said she'd booked it this way intentionally, because he's a "fucking brat" on flights. She was right. FML
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Seems like she is a "******* brat" BEFORE flights. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?


Tell the kid that any noise he makes will distract the pilot and probably cause him to crash. See how much noise he makes then. I hate kids on planes, you should have to pay an extra fee on planes if youve given birth to an asshole kid.

Flaw is why would someone admit it and pay more? And what airline would ask actually ask that with all these nuts looking for a reason to flip shit...

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Some airlines do in fact have a shitlist and a banned from flight list. So put that kid on the shit list. 1. You MUST pay extra for the kid 2. He MUST be seated next to the parent

Oh hell yes. Happened to me before also. It sucks.

Seems like she is a "******* brat" BEFORE flights. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh?

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I would smack the hell out of that woman. What a bitch,

Once the mother got up to use the restroom I would have taken her seat. She could bitch at me all she wants but that's what she gets for.pulling such a bitch move!

114- Hush, 77 was going to continue.

What a terrible mother. Dumping her "******* brat" of a child on someone else. Not only is she inconsiderate and irresponsible, but he's probably a brat because she didn't raise him properly. Some people really shouldn't be parents.

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Shit doesn't fall far from the asshole

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And the mother of the year award.goes to....

That was my first thought. I feel sorry for the kid; he's probably just doing it for attention because he feels like mommy doesn't love him. :(

Honey Boo Boo's mom?

30, momma just ain't beatin' dat ass enough. Fuck that child abuse shit, but if your child is wildin' and actin' a fool, he/she NEEDS the switch to the hiney. Why do some parents think that having a rampaging dick for a child is normal? They act as if someone cut off their hands and legs and gave them a forced lobotomy. DISCIPLINE YOUR CHILDREN.

93 couldn't ******* agree more

93, in the country I live in evan spanking os illegal, and we still find ways to get kids to behave.

121, that is true. But it's either whip their little behinds or find some alternate punishment that will teach them a lesson adequately without breaking any laws or what have you. I also thoroughly disagree with butt-whippings being illegal, but that's a story for another day. This is coming from someone who was fairly regularly on the receiving end of a paddling.

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121, what country is that? Because i have traveled around the world and have seen kids gets spanked in all the ones I went to.

Heck, Honey Boo Boo's mom is a better parent than this woman. I'm sorry for your flight from hell, OP. I agree with the commenter who suggested the next time this happens, you sit in mom's seat the next time you're seated next to a brat. Or you remind her that she is the parent and should take responsibility for her demon spawn.

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Lol #93 that is so true and i bet honey boo boos mom would be better

What my cousin does.. Since where I live makes it illegal to take a switch to your child, what he does is gets his other son to discipline him.

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Hey! She's not a dog...

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I'm confused.. Why did this comment get thumbed down, while right below this comment is another one, exactly the same, which is thumbed up? Did you edit it or something?

76-Was wondering the same thing.....must be edited or something...otherwise the thumbing would (most likely anyway) be the other way around.

(Wish I could find edit on mobile.) Though considering 16's comment, its unlikely to be edited, which just makes it a lot more confusing...

Next time you'll learn to put a period.

76: Not just thumbed up, but exponentially so. One has to bite the dust, I guess...

65 - I assure you, it's really not necessary to comment "lol" on every thread... Unless you desire a swift shanking. That could be arranged.

87, I can't edit my comments either.

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Haha funny how #5 got 111+ more likes, and you guys said the same thing.

Your grammar is slightly better with that period there, but you were a bit too slow. Not sure who will be buried first. Rest in peace. ;)

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Haha he posted the same comment as the guy before and he didn't get buried.

I brought it back from the dead. :o

Ain't nobody got time fo dat

Because apparently that phrase has caught on to the point where people think they can get a nice pat on the back and mad thumbs up for blurting it out, as if it is relevant anywhere and anytime, the answer to the universe, the skeleton key, the filling of that void that could never be filled in us. No.

And I said, "Lord Jesus, it's another person hopping on the bandwagon, so I RAN! I didn't have time to make a YOLO comment or nothin'"

Her reference to it was about as relevant as the original use of the phrase. I have bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that. Really?

Making relevant comments to the FML- ain't nobody got time for dat

I like trains.

I got your nose.

You need to stop posting this same comment on irrelevant FMLs.

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If she was smart she would discipline her child so their not a brat to begin with.


Oh really, that is almost kind of rude. She is the mother of the child, she should take responsibility and not inconvenience other people because of it.

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"Almost kind of rude"? You are the most weirdly over-saccharine commenter I've ever seen...

I have no idea if that is a compliment or whatever it is or not O.e I had to Wikipedia it, and still no real answer, except for artificial flavoring that may have a metallic aftertaste if its concentrated or something

dontpanic_fml 32

Since saccharine is an artificial sweetener that is many times sweeter than sugar, the word is used as a term meaning someone or something that is overly sweet. If a **** excuse of a mother purposefully leaving her 8 year old next to a stranger so the stranger can deal with the child's known brattiness, instead of her, incites a reaction of "almost kind of rude" from you, (paired with your previous comments) i just wonder if you have an actual reaction to anything.

dontpanic_fml 32

Honestly, I didn't mean that as the attack it sounded like...I just want people to feel their feelings

I think I do have actual reactions sometimes, but she just used the oportunity that she was given by the airline though, but I think that saying people are a "*****" and so on for a reason like this is way overboard for me, since I want to take things as they come, and give people a chance (A bad habit from my side) And thank you for enlightening me, from what I thought you meant, it could be "pretending to be sweet, but have a aftertaste that is not suitable" or something along those lines, which would be ok since everyone have their opinion, and I used to be known as the optimist or something before if I am not mistaken, because only thinking about the negative is of course negative in the long run

And hey, no offense taken anyway, at times, I am almost impossible to offend :P

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It is very troubling that you could interpret this situation as the mother taking advantage of something the airline has to offer. i guess one could say there is a sheer difference of personalities and leave it at that. it doesn't surprise me that you are not easily offended. :)

Each to their own, eh?

To each their own?

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Well it's actually "to each his own", ha

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73- Why must you post an essay?

Well the kid had to have picked it up from somewhere... Sounds to me like they both need a clip round the ear.

Yes, she's a bitch and so is...hate to speak ill of little kids. But if the shoe fits...

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Wow! Perfect role model...if she can't Handle the responsibility of being a parent the she should have kept her legs closed

I really wish people wouldn't say that. I've had some pretty good sex with my legs closed.