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By northernlass - 01/10/2010 14:32 - United States

Today, I boarded a trans-Atlantic flight by myself, and struck up a nice conversation with the passenger across the aisle. Before we even took off, the man in front of me unbuckled, stood to face me, and asked me to please shut the hell up. "It's a 9 hour flight, and you're VERY loud!" FML
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The idea of talking loudly on a long flight.

I've been on a long ass flight like this before, loud people do get annoying after awhile



The idea of talking loudly on a long flight.

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and ur talking across the aisle. the guy was in his right mind to tell u to shut up

Well that's true, but he could have said it in a polite way.

He could have asked OP to talk more quietly. He is not within his rights to ask him/her not to talk.

FFS Tommy you commented 3 times. we get it.

I hate people talking loudly non stop on flights too. But I think that person is too much to embarass you in front of other passengers.. Op ydi though. :x

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29's comment made me crack up :D

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I felt too lazy to read all that ^^^

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47- I was too ha. I thought, " Fuck that." Lol.

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50- I know that you weren't talking to me and I never said that someone was making me read it. I was just saying that I felt too lazy to read it all. You don't have to attack me and 48 like that.

50- Someone is PMSing. laud.

I was too distracted to read the long post there is a double rainbow all the way across the sky.

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57, okay, peace :) You didn't say anything rude but 48 did, somehow she agreed with you so my 50th comment could relate to both of your ones.

I read that one tho^

KingDingALing 9

76- Yay for peace! :D

#45 (mona_is_here); After reading your reply, I'm highly doubting your self-proclaimed IQ of 150. Just because you're a loud and obnoxious girl that can't shut her mouth while at the movies and is told to stfu, certainly doesn't make THEM losers, it makes you a loser for being a fucking douchebag that ruins other peoples experiences with your chit-chat. I'm 20 years old, I've gone to the movies a lot of times, guess what, I've never been told to shut the fuck or to turn off my phone, do you know why that is ? Because I do the appropriate thing and turn off my phone before the movie starts and I shut the fuck up and keep things to myself until the movie is over. But no, you're a self-absorbed bitch that thinks her stupid little text-messaging and chit-chatter is the most thing in the world and that other people should want to hear what your glorious self is saying. God forbid that some people just want to enjoy a movie or a plane ride without having to constantly hear you chatter or your oh-so-important calls (probably from the president of Russia) while watching a movie. IQ of 150... yeah... I bet. More like an IQ of 80 (I'll give you that much because chimps can't use the internet yet so you're definitely a bit smarter than they) and a bad case of self-absorbed bitch, obviously contagious too, because your friends seem to have it as well.

#45 maybe he has a great life, his private jet has broken down on the way home to his loving family and he's forced to seat near a loud non-caring guy who might talk for 9 hours, so the man just warns this guy that if he doesn't shut up he might get annoyed...so no, it doesn't mean there life sucks

102: I don't appreciate loud talkers or movie texters either, but by self-righteously raving against mona's (alleged) self-importance, you're coming off as a tad hypocritical. Just sayin'.

#45, you're such a hypocrite. First you say how you hate people who complain, then you turn into a naggy bitch in your next comment. You just did what you said you hate.

TheIrishJaneDoe, everything I said about her except some of the obvious insults that were meant to just mess with her are pretty much her own words and/or can be deduced from what she described in her posts. Unlike her, I'm not pulling stuff out of my ass from a one liner like "could you please turn that fucking phone off?".

1 - agreed ! lol

just cause you can't afford to take a plane.. don't scold others. :).

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Schizomaniac 24

"Cyberhate." Aha, I like that. Stupid cyberhaters.

#102 I don't see anywhere in Mona's comment saying that she was the one being yelled at. Did you really just go on about something this insignificant? "Even though it's three in the morning, someone is wrong on the Internet!" Go do something productive or off yourself.

123 - "...or off yourself." Hahaha. Mona - Take a Midol. It helps. I know I really shouldn't be the one to talk here, because I've done it too (we all have...) but that was rather hypocritical. If you want to be the 'bigger person', shut your trap and stop insulting people who challenge your thoughts. Frost - The same goes for you. Carry on!

109: Everything from "But no...", which is a pretty significant percentage of your comment, seems to be based on little evidence and much assumption- in other words, it seems "pulled from your ass." Besides, as I said before, your overall tone was undeniably condescending, self-righteous, and self-important, thus rendering you a hypocrite in my eyes. And FYI, claiming you were "just messing" with mona doesn't help your cause much, since that's a rather childish level for someone of your obvious maturity and moral fiber to stoop to.

fuckin hate people who have long combos that everyone can hear ydi

Gand marao sab ke sab

mona_is_here 10

I agree with 123. Where the hell did I mention it was ME talking during the movie etc? I'm saying that grumpy, complaining people are as annoying as the ones who break the rules of behaving in public places. 120 is right, you (Frost) need to get down to earth because your huge ego doesn't let you see things the way they really are and keeps you entitled to your opinion only. Jane has already told you all that, in a more polite way though. Btw, Jane, thanks for support! :)

Wow, and here come the great people of FML defending poor mona. Did you even read her comment? she basically called EVERYONE a loser that doesn't want to hear loud conversations on airplanes or doesn't want to see/hear you texting/getting called at the movies. She calls them "they are so miserable and yet so pathetic" and "No, they still prefer to get some relief from telling other people off and being a boring, dreary geek or c*nt whom nobody likes. ", all because she thinks that being an obnoxious ass in public places is ok, and people should shut up when others are like that. How the fuck did I turn out to be the presumptuous one here? Although, why am I surprised, I've seen a lot of this on FML. And REALLY? who puts "My IQ is 150" in their description? if you have an IQ of 150 you certainly don't spend your time on FML calling everyone like the guy in the OP's post a loser with no life, miserable, pathetic and what else.

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Mona, and all those bitches who are hating on frost, stfu! you know he's right. and you all are just mad cuz what he wrote was a good point.

mona_is_here 10

And here comes Frost, the guy who is famous for his disability to interprete people's words correctly. Don't try to turn it all against me by making up some pathetic arguments based on nothing but your own presumptions. Now, for the first and the last time I'm pointing this out specially for you, my friend. 1) I do NOT call people who can't stand too loud talking etc losers with no life and so on and so on. I find that irritating too, so as it concludes from your words, I just called myself a miserable loser too. How much sense does it make? Right you are, NONE. 2) However, I don't think that being all grumpy and rude is a great way to solve the problem, i.e. try to 'fix' someones behaviour by such means like threats to call the security, putting them down etcetera If you don't like something and can't take it anymore, say your word but don't be an ass. Is that clear enough for you now? And I also find quite amusing how much you're bothered with my IQ. Initially it had nothing to do with the topic but you mention it in every comment of yours. Did I wound your pride? Aww, free hugs for you.

Saying your IQ is relevant because it's pretty much boasting by even mentioning it. "Look at me! My IQ is so high! Yours are lower!" Is pretty much as it comes across. (I'm sure you're familiar with the whole reading into meanings and reading between the lines since you're studying English ect coz you r b smartz) I assume not many people like someone who is going to broadcast their intellect to make themselves look better on such a website as FML. Plus the way you type gives the impression of someone who is mildly intelligent but I wouldn't say as high as 150 in all areas. So it just gives even more of an impression of you trying to boast and over exaggerate. I'm sure there are quite a few people with higher IQs than you on here (same as letting everyone know they do things for charity or are really rich) and they seem to have more humility than you, and not need to put it on their profiles. More respect to them. I doubt it damages that guys pride, but more like makes you seem insecure (as you have to let everyone know you're totally smartzz!!111) humility goes a long way.

mona_is_here 10

Lisa, i'm not showing off or bragging in any kind of way. I hate it. I didn't know that putting my IQ in my own profile would make everyone feel bad. But is that my fault if they feel so? I'm sure some of my fiends have IQs higher or lower than me but it doesn't bother no one of us. In FML user profile's description you're supposed to tell about yourself and my IQ is just some sort of statistic info that is related to me. Well, call it just a fact. People write whatever they want in their profiles, some express themselves. I'm a serious person, so I found my user info a good way to describe myself shortly but in a detailed way. I brag about my IQ as much as I brag about being 21 y.o. , living in Moscow, being bisexual and loving Martini Asti etc. I really hope you got my point :)

Mona - listing your IQ in your profile isn't recommended for the above reasons. Also, your IQ (whether it's accurately stated, or not) doesn't show off your personality. Why not describe more of who you are? Though, now that you've commented it's easy to see what you're really like.

mona_is_here 10

Then what am I like? Was this sarcasm or just a statement? Because unfortunately a written comment doesn't have a voice tone, etc..

It seems like your comprehension and interpretation skills need a little work. That's strange, for a person with supposedly such a high IQ. If you read my comment carefully, you'll figure out exactly what I mean.

mona_is_here 10

Congrats for being so sarcastic then.

mona_is_here 10

And of course my comprehension and interpretation skills need some work since I'm not a native speaker. I'm really tired of this endless discussion. We are switching from one clueless topic to another and it's all about finding something wrong in me. I'm not going to tolerate such behaviour so I'm done with this conversation. Have a nice day.

"I'm sure some of my fiends have IQs higher or lower than me but it doesn't bother no one of us" If you'd have an IQ of 150 you'd know just how high that is. Do you realize what you just said? "I'm sure some of my friends have IQs higher THAN 150", seriously? It's clear that you're clueless about what an IQ of 150 is. To make it clear to you IQ of 150 = close to genius, you'd have to be extremely intelligent, you'd basically be a part of the 0.1-0.2 percentage and probably a genius(0.4% of pop has > 140 IQ, you have 150, so yes, 0.1-0.2 is an approximate estimate). Now to even consider yourself as intelligent as THAT takes pretty much of the "self absorbed bitch" disease, now add to that the fact that you're also SURE that some of your friends have an EVEN HIGHER Iq than that, basically being amongst the 0.1% most intelligent of humans is truly a remarkable feature. So no, my comments are not presumptuous at all, and yes, there is a reason why I keep mentioning your self proclaimed IQ of 150, I mention it and I draw the conclusion from it of just how important and special you consider yourself from the fact that you actually believe and signal that basically, you AND your friends are amongst the 0.4%(at least, that's for 140 IQ) of the most intelligent human beings on this planet, geniuses or borderline geniuses. Now, if you're still going to tell me THAT isn't an absurd thing to state that does not make you seem like the most arrogant piece of human being on this site, let me now. Look up the numbers on the web, read about what an IQ of 150 means, and then see that I haven't pulled anything out of my ass.

I mean, Einstein had an IQ of about 160, do you even comprehend that ? you're SURE that some of your friends which have an even higher IQ than you, so closer to 160, are as intelligent as EINSTEIN, you know, the guy with e = mc^2, theory of general relativity, any of these things ring a bell to you? Why am I even talking to such an imbecile that is capable of stating things like these. You're fucking stupid. Your IQ is not even close to 150, Charles Darwin is supposed to have had about 150 IQ, do you seriously think you're as intelligent as the guy that formulated the motherfucking THEORY OF EVOLUTION? Get the fuck over yourself, at least I admit that I'm not that smart or intelligent, My IQ is the range of 120-125 which means on the higher end of average, because I can admit that I'm nothing else that an average male, I won't change the world, I'm not intelligent enough to revolutionize anything or to come up with great theories and answers, I'm not even intelligent enough to comprehend everything that other, much more intelligent human beings have already thought out for me. But that's fine, I'm ok with it. At least I'm intelligent enough to realize just how stupid I(and we) are. On the other hand, you're so fucking dumb, you can't even see that you are.

mona_is_here 10

One of my friend's IQ is 157. Mine is 150. My best friend's IQ is 148, and about others -I don't know, I never asked them or they never told me. My IQ is average to me, whatever they say, otherwise I'd be in Mensa. Frost, take a chill pill. My IQ is really 150, I do not consider you important enough to prove it to you. So no, sorry, I'm not a self-absorbed bitch. You failed at this part but dig deeper, maybe you'll find some imaginary facts in other fields that would prove that I'm a self-absorbed bitch:)) Hope dies last! :D And if you still have anything to say, please, care to send me a PM, we are basically threadjacking now. This argument is between you and I so let's respect others by not making them read all that negative stuff. kthxbai

mona_is_here 10

And the last remark: Einstein had an IQ of 160 but it's surprisingly low for his level of genius. Look that up, they always say 'IQ /just of 160'. Geniuses have IQs from 145 to 200. That's a HUGE range. And 0.1% of population, even logically assumed, can't have an IQ of 150-160, otherwise where would be the members of Mensa? They are quite a few but yet I doubt there are less than 0.1% of entire population with IQs higher than 160. I may be wrong on this one though because I didn't do any research on that or looked at the statistics. I don't choose friends by their IQs, what a ridiculous assumption, another one in your collection. I choose friends by mutual interests, sympathy and similar level of education and views (DO NOT mix up with IQ). So now the topic is really closed. Please, reply in the form of PM, for the reasons I listed above.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Really? so you, your brother and your friend are all amongst the top 0.x% most intelligent people in the world, you state that on FML over and over again, and you say you're not arrogant, self-absorbed and a total bitch? Where'd you get tested? seriously, yale, harvard? where? or did you get tested on the internet, rofl. I bet you can't get even get 150 on an online test, just do the iqtest. com, seriously, do it and post results. I'd be surprised if you can even get that much on the net. Also, don't make up excuses that english is not your language, you speak english juuuust fine, so that shouldn't be a problem. Also, Einstein's IQ of 160 isn't considered low for a genius, again, you have no clue. It's considered low for HIM. He's frequently viewed as one of the most intelligent human beings that ever existed, his name has become synonymous for intelligence. THAT's why his IQ is considered modest when compared to the man. Not because 160 is little or it doesn't mean genius. You have absolutely no clue, please look up more on IQ's, you'll learn that even stating that you have an IQ of just 140 is still VERY VERY high, and you'd be amongst the 0.4% of the world's smartest human beings. Now you come on a website and parade around that you have 150, that's just BULLSHIT. 150 IS genius or pretty much close to that. I'll say it again, you have no clue what an IQ of 150 really means, let alone 157. This alone tells me that there's no way you could have that, because then you'd understand what you claim.

mona_is_here 10

I said the same effin thing: Einstein's IQ isn't low for anyone but HIM. No, I didn't pass any tests on the Internet but I'll do it just out of curiosity. I study at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and it's in top 5 unis of Moscow. When students pass entry exams, they are offered to pass an IQ test too because our 'courses' are divided into groups that differ by level of knowledge or abilities. Now, maybe you will demand I send you a sertificate or what? It's in my student folder, along with my exam session results, courseworks etc. and all this is kept in the department of PFUR where I study. Just stfu already, it was interesting to some extent to argue with you, now you're getting just annoying as hell. PS. I don't have a brother, next time read more carefully if you want to seem so sure of your statements and arguments against something that you didn't even read normally.

mona_is_here 10

I know my IQ is high and I'm proud of it. YES, I AM. Who wouldn't be proud of it? But I don't show off or brag about it like you think. Wait... I don't even care about what you think of me or my IQ or whatever. And if you suppose the final word in this argument must belong to you, you're very wrong. I'll always find a way to answer. Now, as I already said, stfu and take a chill pill, mister Oh-So-Skeptical-And-Smart.

mona_is_here 10

I know my IQ is high and I'm proud of it. YES, I AM. Who wouldn't be proud of it? But I don't show off or brag about it like you think. Wait... I don't even care about what you think of me or my IQ or whatever. And if you suppose the final word in this argument must belong to you, you're very wrong. I'll always find a way to answer. You are stubborn, aggressive, annoying and very conceited. I'm not interested in talking to such kind of people. Bye bye.

Yet you're still answering. Oh man, this is becoming funnier and funnier. So, did you do the test at iqtest. com? I bet you couldn't even get 150 there, otherwise you would've already posted a screenshot of your mighty high results. If you can't even get 150 there, who's going to believe you can get as much in a REAL test. That university test thing, that's just such bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that your university said your IQ is 150, but I see that you're too stupid to realize that's just bullshit to make their image better and to make the guys that pay them happy. That's how it works. If you really want to find out your IQ you'd go to a neutral party. OF COURSE your university would rather have every student of theirs with IQ's of 140-150-160 rather than posting actual results which should and ARE much lower in fact. I've said it times and times again, but I see you still can't wrap your head around it. An IQ of 150 is MASSIVE, 157 is fucking genius, for fucks sake, how can you actually think you're so intelligent and that your friend is pretty much a genius. See, I was right about you from the very beginning. But at least at the beginning there was still this shadow of doubt about you, because I thought that hey... maybe she just posted an IQ of 150 because that's what she got on some test and she doesn't actually realize what it means. I thought, maybe if I'll explain to you just how rare and special that is, and just how intelligent you'd have to be (Darwin intelligent), then maybe you'll say "Hey, yeah, maybe that test wasn't that accurate, having such results for me, my friend and my best friend does seem like exaggerated". But no, instead of that, I see that you STILL persist that you really have an IQ of 150 and that your friends are fricking geniuses. As I said, this is becoming hilarious. You're far more deluded and your head is far more up your ass than I originally thought, and now, there's really no doubt that it's true.

Mona, just shut the fuck up already. The more you defend yourself, the less people are going to believe you... not that they did, anyway. The way you speak and the way you act surely demonstrates your lack of a genius-level IQ. Just stop trying. Just because one online test (those are fake, by the way) may have told you that you're a genius, doesn't mean you are. I highly doubt any of your friends have that kind of intelligence, either. It's very hard to come by. You claim that several of your friends have an IQ higher than 145. I think you mentioned that 148 was the lowest. Either way, that's not exactly possible. Have you looked at the histories and the lifestyles of the real geniuses out there? They don't spend their time on the internet trying to prove they're intelligent. They invent things, they look into the meaning of things and try to find the reason we're here, they research... you get the idea. They don't have the better-than-thou attitude and they certainly aren't the in-your-face this-is-my-IQ,-really!! type. Get over yourself. These types of people (you know, geniuses!!) don't group together and hang out all the time, either. I highly doubt Einstein was BFFs with any other person of great intelligence. Another point is that you can't fully tell your complete IQ until you hit adulthood, for the most part (that is, once you're done high school). At that age, you've been through school long enough to have learned the essential concepts and how to answer questions relating to such on an IQ test. If you're still in high school (I don't care to check; you just act like it), there's no way you can claim your IQ is anything close to that.

She's fucking retarded, it's obvious she's nowhere near genius levels of intelligence, yet she still believes it. Like I said, she's too dumb to realize that she's not that smart, this is a common thing with dumb people.

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you guys need a life :I

You guys remember that IQ only meassures logical intelligence, right? So how Mona expresses herself doesn't have much to do with her IQ.. Other than that I think we can agree that loud people in public places can be oh so annoying and most of us have had the urge to do exactly what was done to op, even though it would've been nicer to say it politely (:

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third bitch


Ydi for talking loud about sex in a long flight.

Where the hell does it say that they were talking about sex? Dumbass.

I've been on a long ass flight like this before, loud people do get annoying after awhile

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What's an "ass flight"? :-P

Anal sex, duh.

don't be a smart ass

Ask him to get some ear plugs, shut up and buckle back into his sit.

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Sometimes ear plugs can't totally block the noise.. :(



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Tell him to sit his fat ass down, shut the hell up, and wait for the flight to take off. I hate it when people are impatient.

mona_is_here 10


mintcar 9

Well if you were being loud then clearly he had every right to tell you to STFU.

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YDI. Have some respect for the other people around you and shut the hell up if you can't manage to have a conversation at a reasonable volume.

^ This Stop being annoying OP.