By UnicornWaffles - 16/03/2016 17:23 - Taiwan - Taipei

Today, I had sex with a guy I really had a connection with. It went perfect until I complimented how his moans during sex turn me on a lot, and he responded with, "That's what my mom told me." I laughed so hard we couldn't go on. FML
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Hey fellas, quick clarification. When he said what he said I just blurted out laughing, because to me it obviously was a joke. Further confirmation would have either ruin the joke or ruin sex with him forever. He may have very well been a mother-****** but I wouldn't need to know, as we're not dating each other. That being said, I'm positive it's humor, and any humor is a good laugh to me if you appreciate the other person's intension to make you happy. I did forbid him to say that again in bed though; it'll just be creepy a second time. Thanks for you comments :) we had a good laugh.

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silvermoon5033 26

This is the only comment needed, it pretty much sums it up!

No, this comment proves you dont have a sense of homor.

No, I'd say this comment sums it up as it doesn't look like he was trying to be funny. I think he was getting at that his mom told him not to be totally silent during intercourse as silence can be a sign to women that the man is isnt enjoying himself but that isn't how OP took it.

Chill buddy, I laughed, so should you. He's right there in the comments below, feel free to have a chat with him about having some sense of humor in bed ;) you can always get frisky again after a good laugh :)

It's from an old joke, one of my favorites. Google: nutworks mom told me

I think you're FML's location is wrong, this obviously happened in Alabama.

It's mentioned under the FML - Taiwan - Taipei.

#2 You better run, cause them hillbillies will be coming after you.

Really? WTF. Alabama has more than fricking hillbillies. Jesus.

#53 I didn't know Jesus was from Alabama

#58- I didn't know that male oreo eaters were idiotic enought to point out that. Jesus was from the frickin' Middle East. Alabama didn't even fricking EXIST whe Jesus was around.

Of course Alabama existed. It just wasn't called Alabama yet

I was talking about the state Alabama, not saying that it didn't exist completely.

You proved the point you hillbilly! Also, maybe the guy's mom told him to do that as a tip? I hope at least.

Damn Alabama isn't that bad, tv makes us all look like terribly stupid rednecks. There are strange (for lack of a better word) people everywhere.

hell Florida is more ****** up. I'd know cause I love there. don't come to Florida unless it's only for the beach. best advice I can give.

He seems awesome! Too bad you couldn't finish but at least you got that good of a laugh.

right!? seems like he's got an excellent sense of humor.

Redgy22 26

And if first you don't succeed, try, try again!

I wonder if you remind him of his mother OP. I'd be really careful if you find out he's in the motel business.

He and his mom are on an unnatural person level

"the guy I slept with is funny" fml kill yourself

Tatush_ 13

Well that escalated quickly. He better have said it to be funny and not actually meant it... Or did he..?

BeautifulChaos27 37

I'm going to assume he was joking, in which case how is this an FML? You found a guy you have a real connection with, who can make you laugh. Sounds like a win to me.