By UnicornWaffles - Taiwan - Taipei
  Today, I had sex with a guy I really had a connection with. It went perfect until I complimented how his moans during sex turn me on a lot, and he responded with, "That's what my mom told me." I laughed so hard we couldn't go on. FML
UnicornWaffles tells us more :
Hey fellas, quick clarification. When he said what he said I just blurted out laughing, because to me it obviously was a joke. Further confirmation would have either ruin the joke or ruin sex with him forever. He may have very well been a mother-fucker but I wouldn't need to know, as we're not dating each other. That being said, I'm positive it's humor, and any humor is a good laugh to me if you appreciate the other person's intension to make you happy. I did forbid him to say that again in bed though; it'll just be creepy a second time. Thanks for you comments :) we had a good laugh.
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  Xamry14  |  10

No, I'd say this comment sums it up as it doesn't look like he was trying to be funny.

I think he was getting at that his mom told him not to be totally silent during intercourse as silence can be a sign to women that the man is isnt enjoying himself but that isn't how OP took it.

  UnicornWaffles  |  23

Chill buddy, I laughed, so should you. He's right there in the comments below, feel free to have a chat with him about having some sense of humor in bed ;) you can always get frisky again after a good laugh :)