By twit - United States
Today, a girl-scout asked me to buy cookies, in front of Giant. She looked nice, so I bought 5 boxes from her. She took the money and went home with her mom. I opened the boxes when I got home and realized that the boxes just had rocks in them. I got scammed by a girl-scout. FML
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  _Dawning_  |  0

DUH THAT WAS NOT A REALLY GIRL SCOUT!! girl scouts don't scam you. I have friends that are girl scouts. I know it is upsetting but don't f-ing blame it all on the organization...gezz.

  iceliebedich  |  7

I'm a girl scout and I don't scam girls are not in charge of making the cookies but we have to sell them(I sell them $4 a box) and yea they are pricey and downsized, but so good...but FYL for getting scammed by a scanner, you really need to be able to tell the difference, a girl scout carries around an order form where as a scanner doesn't..and plus a girl scout would have their leaders number in case you want to get ahold of their leader...make sense?