By josh - 19/09/2009 08:47 - United States

Today, I found out that I had my first born child. It's a boy. I found out on facebook. FML
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Zhejan 0

The way this FML is worded, it sounds like the OP is a girl, and she didn't realize a child came out of her ******


gigi37 0

Ha, nice guess, it turned out to be a good question

Brittface 6

Ah. I'm sorry that sucks. but u shouldve been there.

If the girl didn't tell him how could he have been there for the baby? moron

Maybe if he knew about it he would've there genius.

xNatsuki 0

Sorry about that. If you're not together she shouldn't sue you for child support if you aren't even there.

the whole point of child support is for support for the child when the father (or mother) isn't around. So if anything thats exactly what she should do... which is probably part of his "fml" situation.

mrbobmarley4 8

I mean I thought the "FML" of the situation was that he found out he had a son over Facebook

run as far away from that chick as possible if u don't want it

moonlight_daze 8

It sounds like she doesn't want him to be a daddy... Run towards her and fight for your kid having a father if you do want "it".

kooldawg 0

"it" is a living thing, and if he doesn't want the child, they need to work something out if possible.