By KTBeck - 26/5/2020 14:00

Three is the magic number

  Today, my husband returned from a hiking trip. We had "I missed you" sex and after we were done, he told me about all the ticks he had while on the trail. He then went to shower and while washing, he found a tick latched to his penis. I technically had a three way. FML
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By  Marcella1016  |  31

He needs to be careful. Ticks carry Lyme disease. Which is permanent and flares up the rest of your life. Recommend he uses deep woods bug spray on exposed parts of his body whenever he goes on his hikes. Although idk how that would help protect his dick. That Hopefully he’ll take this as a lesson and be more careful next time.

By  Susan Yee  |  9

He didn’t shower after hiking, to wash off the sweat and dirts? Straight to sex? Gawd. You two are gross.

By  J15237  |  23

Please tell me you checked yourself after this happened? Your husband should have showered first and then or during the shower you two had your " I missed you sex". How long was the trip? I mean if its was one of those long hiking trips I could get wanting to rip each others clothes off.