By anonymous - 28/10/2014 03:40 - United States - Lafayette

Today, I hit a new low point in my life when I stole batteries from a toy at the daycare I work at, and put them in my vibrator. FML
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That's a new one, you get a gold sticker.

llamarrama01 21

People who do things like that can go....fuck themselves


That's a new one, you get a gold sticker.

Kyle1dc 17

it would be funny if the batteries were almost out and it died while in use...

drunkmunkey 24

take from children to please yourself... sounds like a winner

BubbleGrunge 18

Honestly, as someone who spent 8 years in childcare, nothing is more refreshing than a toy that no longer makes noise. Have you ever had to hear Elmo giggle for eight hours straight? I'd give you a gold star AND a glass of wine OP!

Did You by chance borrow batteries from Buzz to use for your Woody?

Fuck yea #2

What will you tell the kids when there toy doesn't work?

OP: the batteries are dead Child: but there isn't any batteries OP: THE BATTERIES ARE DEAD!!

rocker_chick23 27

Battery gnomes stole the batteries?

They are now...

Kid: "my toy doesn't work!" Teach: "well mine sure does!" That's how I imagined that convo going anyways...

Mortoli 30

What #4 said lol.

It's supposed to be "their"

Blame the gremlins.

tony1891 22

good vibrations.

work hard play harder

llamarrama01 21

People who do things like that can go....fuck themselves

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With there vibrator

with their* grammar

ShadowlessSpear 21

Fuck themselves with their grammar? Shit, I've been doing it wrong.

Isn't tht the whole point of stealing the batteries... Lol

And your icon goes perfectly with this comment. Dean knows what's up.

ZY1431 24

well...gotta do what you have to I suppose.

How broke are you -_- You briefly destroyed a kid's happy moment to satisfy your lust!!

I'd rather her take the batteries so there aren't crabby people in the workplace.

The kids probably won't even notice. Kids will play with anything!

On the bright side, they did not satisfy their lust while destroying a kid's happy moment!

You make it sound like she's hiring a hooker

Cyrus00 41


blahblah5743794 19

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You probably would have done the same thing if you were desperate enough.

Why? Having a functioning vibrator isn't a necessity in life, but nor is a working remote. They're just two different forms of entertainment, but one has a stigma associated with it...

@100 I agree with the stigma that's attached....T.v. rots your instead get your self nice and relaxed so you can enjoy the rest of the day that much more.

Dro23 10

Oh wow you bastard!

ArbiterOfFML 24

You killed Kenny!

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I'm assuming op doesn't have the money to do so

Well... They have a job, so if they were that desperate I'm sure they could have scratched together ten bucks for batteries... Honestly this one is pretty pathetic

Thus the statement that they've hit a new low point.

or one buck at dollar tree #52

you must be proud