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  zerobahamut03  |  2

Maybe they think you are a good addition to their family because they are all ugly, hillbilly yokels. Ever think about that? This is what we call a compliment in disguise.

  tweetbaby14  |  17

why's this an FML now? they are ok with their son having babies with you. in the end that's all we humans have our many babies that is. stop crying over the purpose of life!

By  Leftieswillrule  |  3

what more could you ask for? they find you good enough and they are very concerned about the future of the world and don't want bad genes polluting their children... or they're racist in which case ydi for marrying into a racist family

  fatzo_fml  |  3

Perdix- I just checked out your FML page. You say you want to be the Justin Bieber or comedy writing does that mean you want to be really shitty at comedy?

  Baytheshark  |  14

That was amusing.... Justin Bieber is very popular though(good and bad), so I assume that is what perdix meant.

Doesn't care why he's popular, as long as he is.