The Times They Are a-Changin'

By Jobless - 28/03/2020 14:00

Today, I woke up early, felt very energetic, decided to run a couple of miles and bought muffins for my colleagues on my way to the office. Then my boss told me they're shutting us down. At the end of a day that started really great, I'm jobless. FML
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Most of us are...

My job ships products hospitals, so I have no choice but to work


Most of us are...

Have you looked at the news in the past month or so? You need to be running away from people and buying toilet paper that you'll hold on to until you get the all-clear to share them.

Actually, she doesn't need to. The boss already laid her off.

I really think your an idiot for not self isolating and going to stores. It’s because people like you who aren’t taking this serious that everything is shut down. Also we aren’t jobless it’s for the mean time and your government will help financially. Boo boo.

not everyone is so lucky. some of us have to keep working, even if not medical. not all governments are able to help enough, lots of employers aren't at all. a lot of financial aid is just now coming into play and may not even get to those in need soon enough. some people are in places that isolation means they lose their job. but calling OP an idiot is unfair. be part of the solution not the problem, especially in this shit storm...

My job ships products hospitals, so I have no choice but to work

Actually, this story may be a few days old, before the shit really hit the fan. This plague is moving so fast that what made sense a few days ago would seem like a death wish today.

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welp. better hand those here.